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Chatter post

For all your discussion needs.

Ground rules:
- Try to keep it loosely trash party related, or at least Cap fandom related.
- Disagreement is fine, nastiness is not.
- Being offended is not carte blanche for nastiness.
- Trashmeme ground rules apply. Read at your own risk, no romanticizing your noncon garbage, no wank about the moral acceptability of noncon kink.
- Body shots, sniper shots, and tetanus shots are all available at the open bar. Party like it's 2014, kids.

Re: Dumpster faves

(Anonymous) 2014-11-17 02:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Guilty on both accounts. ;)

I had such a tragic storyline planned out for that first one, including a temporary fallout with obliviously cruel!Steve. (And then, can you imagine him finding out?) Anyway, maybe it's better left unwritten, people's imagination might top mine after all, so have fun!

And thank you so much, your kindness made my day! <3