Someone wrote in [community profile] hydratrashmeme 2014-06-05 04:29 pm (UTC)


Can you clarify for me who is invited to the trash party? Steve and/or Bucky being sexually abused by Hydra agents in a movieverse context etc. seems clear, but is it limited to that or would, for example, these kinds of prompts be okay?

1. Obadiah Stane throws drugged teenage Tony to his Hydra friends to "teach him some discipline"
2. Natasha's graduation exercises from the Black Widow program involve being required to get a semen sample from the Winter Soldier
3. Grant Ward beats the shit out of the Winter Soldier on his day off in order to work out some of his frustration over fucking Coulson and his fucking Captain America obsession
4. Sitwell/Batroc on the Lemurian Star

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