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garbage all the way down ([personal profile] trashmod) wrote in [community profile] hydratrashmeme 2014-06-23 06:59 pm (UTC)

Good Guys Do Badwrong Things: The Thread

Continuation of this thread that got wanky.

I'd like to apologize right here for not being around to cut that thread off earlier, and more importantly, for letting it get drawn off into nit-picking and hair-splitting about rape culture and value judgements on kinks. The issue of what is relevant to trash party interests is not the same as the issue of How Various Flavors Of Noncon Kink Interact With Rape Culture And Why I Think You Will Find It Is You Whose Kink Is Problematic. That went totally off the rails and I'm sorry for getting drawn into contributing to it.

So. Here's the thing. Hydra party favor trash party on Tumblr pretty much started as "Hydra do awful, disturbingly hot things to Bucky and occasionally Steve." [community profile] hydratrashmeme started as a convenient anon home for trash party shenanigans, not a general-purpose kinkmeme for anything filthy and awful, because "general-purpose anon home for anything filthy and awful" is what other kinkmemes are already for. I'm trying to walk the line here between trashmeme losing focus and trashmeme's focus being too narrow, and in this case it seems to be creating a tangled hair-splitting mess, so let's try to keep this reasonably simple. "Good guys being the ones abusing other characters isn't the flavor of dirtybadwrong that trash party is here for" has the virtue of being simple.

Let's completely shelve the rape culture discussion, because the ethics of How To Noncon Kink aren't the determining factor in what's relevant to [community profile] hydratrashmeme's interests. It is totally possible to write dark/rapey takes on the Avengers in a way that doesn't blur any lines about what's consensual or okay--the question at hand is whether they're on topic in a party that started off being about Hydra abusing Bucky in assorted kinky ways.

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