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Dumpster #2: ...'Cause a Hydra Trash Party don't stop

Unholy hell-miracle achieved! Welcome to Bad Guys Do Bad Things To Your Faves 2: Electric Boogaloo. AKA the seamy sexual-violence-and-violent-sex underbelly of Captain America fandom, AKA the Hydra Trash Party kinkmeme. As usual, BLANKET NON-CON AND NSFW WARNINGS apply: just assume going in that everything in this landfill is unfit for human consumption.

Rules in brief: don't be a jerk except to fictional characters, warnings for particularly fucked-up garbage are nice but not required, thou shalt not judge the trashiness of thy neighbor's kinks unless thy neighbor is trying to pass off their rotting banana peels and half-eaten pizza crusts as a healthy romantic dinner for two, off-topic comments may be chucked out of the dumpster at management's discretion, management's discretion decrees that omegaverse, soulbond AUs, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, and dark!good guys AUs are off-topic.

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Round 2 is closed; comments and fills in existing threads are still welcome, but all new prompts go to Round 3.

(Anonymous) 2015-04-20 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
HYDRA somehow conditioned the asset so that whenever they were punishing him or fucking him, they did it using Steve's voice/face. Maybe they put Bucky on mind altering drugs, or had Steve look alikes abuse him.

Either way, when Bucky is reunited with Steve, hE is constantly terrified. Logically he knows that Steve never actually raped him and beat him half to death, but memories of Steve hurting him, every time he messed up, are the only memories that even feel real.

Bonus points if Bucky never tells Steve about what happened to him, so Steve is upset and hurt whenever Bucky flinches away from him, but accepts physical contact from everyone else.

(Anonymous) 2015-04-20 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
[whispers] on the helicarrier, Steve didn't reawaken memories or instincts from Bucky's pre-WS life; he triggered an onslaught of memories of punishment from people wearing his own face. Bucky's look of horror? he realized he'd been attacking a handler, the punishment for this was going to hurt [slinks away]

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fill 1/?

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Re: fill 1/?

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Re: fill 1/?

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Re: fill 2/?

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Re: fill 2/?

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Re: fill 2/?

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Re: fill 3/? trigger warning: violence

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Re: fill 3/? trigger warning: violence

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Re: fill 3/? trigger warning: violence

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Re: fill 4/? trigger warning: violence

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Re: fill 4/? trigger warning: violence

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Re: fill 4/? trigger warning: violence

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Superhero anxious masculinity

(Anonymous) 2015-04-21 12:47 pm (UTC)(link)
So I know Rumlow's anxious masculinity is a running joke, but I'd love to see more trash party fic with Bucky and/or Steve grappling with dude-specific issues about being raped. Like not quite realizing what's going on until it's already happening, because it's so far off their radar screen of potential threats--followed by vicious self-blame afterwards, because if they'd realized sooner maybe they could've found a way to stop it. Feeling degraded and emasculated by something that's only "supposed" to happen to women, then horrified because that's an awful idea and they thought they respected women more than that. And shame. So much shame. Refusing to tell a single person because they can barely live with the stigma when it's only in their own head, let alone deal with it from other people. Not having any idea how to even think about it, for lack of available resources or unwillingness to seek any resources out.

Plus the more global range of reactions, heavily filtered into Acceptable Masculine Behavior--unpredictable/misdirected anger, recklessness, fear expressed as paranoia and hostility, violent startle reflexes, over-training as painkiller/assertion of bodily control/rehearsal of what they should've done instead. Stubborn self-blame, because the idea of being able to stop it and failing is infinitely less terrifying than admitting to helplessness. Weeks or months of being aggressively Okay, going about business as usual, and pushing away anyone who expresses concern, until the ever-growing heap of issues gets too heavy to carry around and everything collapses and the pain comes crashing in.

An extra-moldy rat-infested beanbag chair for the nightmarish intersection of '40s internalized homophobia and male-on-male sexual violence, but mostly I just want trashfic focused on the victim's masculinity issues. Slight preference for Steve, but I'm cool with it being Steve or Bucky or both of them.

Re: Superhero anxious masculinity

(Anonymous) 2015-04-21 01:12 pm (UTC)(link)
great prompt.

Rumlow/Steve humiliation, headshaving

(Anonymous) 2015-04-25 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
For whatever reason, Rumlow shaves Steve's head and really gets off on defiling the image of a national icon. He starts off with scissors, grabbing yanks of blond hair, before using clippers and then a razor, leaving Steve bald. Would love for this to be really descriptive, in both what Brock is doing and what's going through Steve's head. Bonus points for filming it all and putting it on the internet, degrading head tattoos, and Steve enjoying it more than he should. Oh, and Rumlow rubbing his dick all over Steve's head and playing around with Steve's shorn locks on the floor would make my garbage heart fill with joy.

Steve/Brock subspace, humiliation, sex tape

(Anonymous) 2015-04-25 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Brock takes advantage of Steve when he's in subspace (and in general, really) by filming their entire encounter and putting it on the internet, where it goes viral because of Captain America stuff and all that. Cue Steve shame, but also Steve believing that he deserves it because he's a bad sub.

This is actually probably the dirtiest request if you are familiar with the game...

(Anonymous) 2015-04-26 10:55 am (UTC)(link)
Does anyone here play Corruption Of Champions? (I picked it back up again recently and started over with a new character. Ha ha ha, I turned Rumlow into a fucking crazy incubus, it's awesome, he fucks everything.) I want something involving all the crazy shit from that game (or like do a fusion/crossover/whatever). Sex-crazed demons, tentacle beasts, body-changing potions, raping your opponent after you beat them up, any and/or all of that good stuff. And I don't care who else you add in, but I NEED it to involve Rumlow, Rollins, and the Winter Soldier (seriously I have the mad hots for those fuckers). Give it. To. Me.

Re: This is actually probably the dirtiest request if you are familiar with the game...

(Anonymous) 2015-04-30 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
I haven't even heard of this game!! Apparently i need to figure out the material first... *grins*

OP here again!

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OP here again! (2)

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bachelorette party

(Anonymous) 2015-04-26 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)
One of the ladies working for HYDRA is getting married, and of course, she wants to throw the best bachelorette party possible.

And what better way than to rent the asset out for a night?

Femdom, edging, strap-ons, and some good old cock-riding, just to get the ball rolling. Maybe end the night with some fisting and whipping, and another round of cunnigulus (and whatever other ideas anon!author might have).

The girls treat him rougher than any of the guys ever did.

Re: bachelorette party

(Anonymous) 2015-04-28 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I am into this x 1000 !!!

Re: bachelorette party

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(Anonymous) 2015-04-28 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Asshole whipping! Inspired by that gorgeous pic of Bucky bent over a railing getting his asshole caned, I crave all the trash about people caning, spanking or otherwise punishing Bucky's hole. Bonus points for fucking him afterwards!

(Anonymous) 2015-04-28 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)
You can't just invoke that image & then not include a link omg...

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Asset Maintenance / Dehumanization

(Anonymous) 2015-04-30 10:23 am (UTC)(link)
Inspired by a few different prompts along the lines of the winter soldier having a "care and feeding" manual, coupled with the notion of Rumlow's obsessive admiration for the soldier's capabilities (which of course leads to sexual abuse).

By far my favourite TWS fic trope is the dehumanization the soldier experiences at the hands of hydra, and I'd love to see more fic that explores that from the perspective of his handlers.

I like how we've also collectively decided Rumlow was the soldier's handler (the exceptions are lovely too). Just how did that happen and how did Rumlow deal with it? When did he start taking advantage of Bucky?

Self fill (1/?)

(Anonymous) 2015-04-30 10:28 am (UTC)(link)
[my first fill for this meme, I'm super sorry that it's not overtly sexual but I wanted to explore how Rumlow's admiration for the soldier morphed from professional to predatory].

The importance of periodic weapon maintenance wasn't the first thing Rumlow learned in the marines, but it's stuck with him for better or worse. More so than other lessons, maybe. There's comfort in the ritual of disassembling a complex array of polymer and metal components. There's satisfaction in cleaning them, fitting them back together into a functional firearm. There's a heat in using that weapon for the first time after it's been serviced. Like a christening. It's important to look after your gun. Rumlow knows you can't put your faith in something if you don't know it's inner workings.
Hydra knows it too.
The Asset is nothing but a weapon. Rumlow is certain of that because it's the first thing Pierce ever said about him. The Asset is Hydra's deadliest armament and Brock Rumlow is dedicated to his care and maintenance.

"This arrangement... Is it permanent?" Through the two-way mirror, Rumlow observes a forklift unloading the massive, antiquated cryo-tank. More recent, shiner technological additions are stuck onto the original chamber, like growths. Vapour comes off the rusted surface in waves.
"According to the Russians? No. Technically it's on loan." Pierce turns to Rumlow, weight on one leg, arms folded casually across his chest. He looks Rumlow right in the eye. "Just between us though; yeah. A long term loan. They've finally recognized there's little point in wasting talent over there."
"Talent." Rumlow repeats.
"Asset relocated safely. Beginning integration with our systems." A tech on the other side of the glass announces through the radio. Pierce turns back to the mirror.
"This is the beginning of a new era. I'm counting on you to help me utilise our new weapon."
Rumlow nods.
"Hail Hydra."
A metallic clanging rings from the chamber. Coolant hisses from a vent.
Pierce wants his face to be the first the Asset sees when it comes to. He's adamant it must be him, even threatens a doc that gets too close. It reminds Rumlow of a report he'd done in elementary school. Ducklings and imprinting. Rumlow isn't sure exactly how this memory trigger and conditioning stuff works, but he'd rather put his trust in the infliction of pain. This seemed more like another ego thing for Pierce. Ritual and ceremony. Nothing useful.
Strike wasn't needed to oversee the Asset's arrival let alone it's awakening, but the Secretary deemed it necessary that Rumlow be present. So he observes from the back of the vault, as the unconscious body of the Winter Soldier is brought forth from the stasis chamber. They strap it into a padded chair. A doc gingerly jabs a needle into the neck.
The Asset is wet, and limp. Skin glistens, highlighting scar tissue. Hair hangs in heavy strands. The face is so, so pale. Rumlow's first though is that the Soldier looks pathetic. The footage he's seen says otherwise. So does that gleaming left arm.
Pierce leans down, level with the Soldier's face. The body in the chair starts to quiver and twitch, palms tensing. Eyes open. They blink a few times, focus right on Pierce.
"Good morning. Welcome to America."
It goes unacknowledged. The Asset surveys the vault, looking from face to face. Some are foolish enough to let him see their chill as the gaze passes over them. Rumlow knows better.
"I'm Alexander Pierce. This is Hydra." The Asset's attention snaps back when Pierce places both palms on the Asset's thighs, smoothing them upwards. "And you belong to us. To me. This-" Pierce straightens up and steps aside. He gestures to Rumlow, who steps forward, faces the Asset square on, "Is Agent Rumlow. You'll get your assignments from him."
"We're gonna be friends." Rumlow says to the Soldier. He is curious to see if he can provoke a response. He gets nothing but a stare. He notices the Asset has stopped shaking.
"Do you understand?" Pierce steps back into the Asset's view. The Asset looks up to meet his eye. His raised chin is covered in coarse stubble.
"Da." It's barely audible, meant only for Pierce. The Secretary grins.
"We're in business!" He places a gentle hand on the Asset's shoulder ever so briefly. Turns on his heel and leaves. Rumlow follows.

In the next few years Rumlow only meets the Asset twice. It barely registers; things are shifting in Shield, Strike is moving up in Fury's pecking order. Anti-terrorism in higher demand. There's not much ordering the Soldier around.
Pierce is there for the defrosting; Rumlow only gets to see him after all the shaking and the screaming is over. After whatever phrase or trigger or whatever needs to be said has been said by someone else. After the techs have fucked around with ("calibrated") the bionic arm. Rumlow comes in with files and photos. Point out the target, give a deadline, never tell him more than he needs to know, hail Hydra. The only fun part is showing off all the new toys they have to play with; technology moves fast. Then Rumlow leaves, and the Soldier takes care of the rest.
He fantisises sometimes, about people he wants to sic the Asset on. Cyclists, mostly, and people who take too long ordering coffee. There's one Shield asshole - been assigned to Strike a few times. He gets under Rumlow's skin like nothing else. It's not so much the twerpy bow and arrow bit as it's the lip that pisses him off. He wonders how many ways the Asset knows to disembowel a person. If his mouth hasn't gotten him killed by the next defrosting, maybe the kid's photo will somehow find it's way into one of those target files.
He wonders how Pierce would feel about it. Chew him out? Not likely. The way Pierce speaks of the Asset makes Rumlow wonder if the Secretary doesn't have his own fantasies of having the Asset all to himself.

Rumlow's never been there for the aftermath. Pierce has just finished picking apart Strike's mission report after an intense op in the Gaza Strip, when he lightly taps Rumlow's shoulder on his way to the door.
"Oh and Brock, do me a favour and debrief the Asset. I'm taking a nap." Pierce doesn't wait for an answer, but he pats Rumlow on the back as he leaves. He may as well have added a 'there's a good boy'. It's a test and Rumlow knows it.
Approaching the vault, he can hear a commotion. There's no yelling, no screaming, but there's banging and blunt thuds on hard floor. Something metal crashes to the ground. The usual guard nods Rumlow through the door. It's a scene. Two techs are struggling with the Soldier, trying to strong-arm him into the padded chair. His arm is half-disassembled; bits of it scattered across a bench and the floor. What's left attached doesn't move (Rumlow know's he'd be looking at two bodies if it could). A doctor is trying her best to peel away the Soldier's blood-and-sweat-soaked undershirt while he's distracted. She incites another scuffle when she tips a bottle of disinfectant over the area.
Rumlow couldn't have conceived of ever seeing the Soldier like this. Sweating and panting and bleeding. In the back of his mind, he thinks it looks good on him. He strides through the chaos, pulls the techs away and motions for the doc to give it a rest. She steps back, begrudgingly. Once all the hands are gone the Soldier ceases to struggle, catches his breath. Rumlow leans down, kneels right at eye level like you would to scold a naughty toddler. Just like Pierce had done all those years back.
"Easy there," he says softly, ducking his head to make eye contact. Once he has it, he takes the shot. "You got a mission report for me?" The Soldier narrows his eyes. His cheeks are flushed. His lips are parted slightly, and so red. While his cogs turn, Rumlow sneaks a look at the nasty entry wound on the Soldier's right shoulder.
"Nyet. You're not Alexander." It always shakes Brock just how soft the Soldier's voice is. All that youth catches him off guard. He likes it, though. Looks forward to the scratchiness of disuse when he gives an assignment. Likes to hear him say 'Understood'. 'Yes Sir'. Brock wishes he'd say that right now. Maybe gentleness only works for Pierce.
"So your eyes work. Alexander is busy." Rumlow places a hand on the Soldier's arm, just below the open wound. Not firm enough to hurt, just enough pressure to suggest pain could be around the corner. The Soldier doesn't miss the implication. His shoulder twitches, and he scowls.
"Target eliminated." He says stiffly.
"That's it - no resistance? Because you're pretty fucked up and I gotta know why the doc over there has to dig a bullet outta your shoulder." Rumlow's keeps his voice low, but he puts the smallest amount of pressure on that arm. He'd like to see the Soldier wince but he's not holding his breath.
When he gets nothing but a clenched jaw, Rumlow scowls and tries for another approach. If the Asset was so loyal to Pierce maybe he could use that familiarity. He keeps the pressure on the shoulder, but brings his right hand up to the Soldier's thigh. The Soldier's still wearing his combat leathers, but Rumlow knows he can feel the warmth of Rumlow's palm. His thumb rubs slow, gentle circles into the inner thigh. It works. Gradually the Soldier goes from looking past Rumlow to attentive. Pliable.
"You gotta tell me what went down," Rumlow's voice is conspiratorial, a rough whisper. "Or I'll have to tell Alexander what a mess you've made." He's participated in his fair share of 'interrogations', but Rumlow still gets a kick out of a successful technique. Pushing just the right buttons to make a subject sing. It usually involves more broken fingers. Brock can't help but smirk when the Soldier speaks.
"There was a woman. She wasn't a problem. The nuclear engineer is dealt with. Target eliminated." The Soldier repeats. It's not much, but it's enough. The rest they can work out through other channels. Rumlow eases off.
"That wasn't so hard." Rumlow rewards him with a quick tousle of his hair. "Let's take care of that bug bite, huh?" He lets his hand linger on the wound before he straightens up. The Soldier sits back in the chair, obedient. The doctor returns with a fresh tray of implements. As Rumlow turns to leave one of the techs approaches hesitantly.
"Are we wiping him before we put him under?" Rumlow thinks. Slides his fingers over the blood on his palm.
"Not this time." He orders. The tech nods.
Pierce sends his approval over to Rumlow's apartment with a basket of tangerines.
Rumlow hates that guy.

Shield and Hydra aren't all that different when it's down to brass tacks, in that they both operate in cells. The left hand never knows what the right hand's up to and all that, but Rumlow can see when things have hit the fan. Pierce is impatient, edgy. Strike isn't involved so officially it's all above Rumlow's clearance and he knows nothing. But he hears the scuttlebutt and he watches the news, so he wonders how much longer it will be before the Asset is called in to deal with Tony Stark.
The answer turns out to be "within the week". The Soldier's been out of cryo and under observation only a few hours before Pierce sends the dossier through and tells Rumlow to get to work.
"Looks familiar, don't he?" Brock watches the Soldier as he studies footage of Stark at some press conference; it's only a snippet but he watches the whole thing through and plays it over again when it ends.
"We use his guns?" The Soldier murmurs, not looking away from the screen. Rumlow's not sure exactly how much the Soldier remembers. Some assignments they erase, some they keep, but he'd be lying is he said he knew how they chose. It was before his time but Rumlow's read the files, knows exactly what happened to Howard Stark on Long Island. It's like Starks have a talent for getting in the way. But Tony Stark is under house arrest with only a few Shield operatives watching the gates so as far as high profile assassinations go, for the Soldier this should be a walk in the park.
With a gesture the Soldier shuts off the video and closes the dossier. He turns to Rumlow.
"Parameters?" Brock loves the way his brow knits before an assignment. It's a contrast from the serene expression he wears during combat, and the lobotomised look he gets when you utter the right phrase.
"Not this time. Put down anyone who gets between you and Stark." Rumlow answers. "When you're done, head for the rendevous and I'll look after you." There's a stray strand of dark hair over the Soldier's eyes. Brock catches himself before he can reach out to smooth it back.
The Soldier is halfway through the buckles on his leathers when there's a blaring in Rumlow's ear. It's Pierce. He sounds breathless, far from his usual smug composure.
"Rumlow, come in."
"I'm here."
"Abort the briefing, Stark is no longer a priority."
"Come again?"
"Cancel the assignment, do NOT set the Asset on Stark!" Rumlow looks up at the Soldier, armed to the teeth and ready for deployment.
"Didn't waste any time telling me, Sir. Something I should know?"
"Mind your own mission, Agent." Pierce snaps over the comm. "Call off the Asset and have Strike ready for a briefing in two hours."
If the Soldier was listening in, Rumlow can't tell. He tilts his head slightly. Rumlow finds himself sounding frustrated as he relays the message. He's never had to cancel an assignment before. Is he supposed to just throw the guy back in the freezer? Obviously the Asset's never been called off before, because his brow furrows even deeper like he's done something wrong, and he asks "why?" in the most innocent voice Brock's ever heard.
Rumlow's wondering how to phrase it when he realises he doesn't owe a weapon an explanation. And that by asking for one, this weapon is out of line. He raises his palm and backhands the Soldier, hard, across the face.
"Mind your own mission." He says. The Soldier makes a small noise from where he's now sprawled on the floor. Rumlow almost feels sorry for him, but it's not punishment, just re-calibration. If a mechanism jams, you put it back in it's place, and you continue with maintenance.
Rumlow crouches down beside the Soldier, takes his chin in his hand.
"Never ask me that again. Understood?" The Soldier nods, and Rumlow smooths his thumb along the Soldier's prickly jawline. "You need a shave," he says. He grips the Soldier by the metal arm and roughly hauls him up. "Let's take care of that."
The Soldier nods, obediently sits in the padded chair. Rumlow roots around in the steel medical cabinet until he finds the straight razor the docs use to shave him before he goes back on ice. There's no cream, water will have to do. He turns back to the Soldier and flicks the razor open.
"Be good. Lie back."
Pierce tells him he wants more eyes on the clean-up in New Mexico. Officially, Agent Sitwell is assisting operations, but Strike should get down there and keep order. So off Rumlow goes, like a good hound.

Re: Self fill (1/?)

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Re: Self fill (1/?)

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Re: Self fill (1/?)

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Bucky is Infertile

(Anonymous) 2015-05-02 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
Just saw Age of Ultron, it was good, no spoilers here but it got me thinking.

What if Bucky was sterilized (prior sperm harvest optional) as part of HYDRA's conditioning, to prevent him from having any children he could become attached to? Of course, he doesn't remember this little bit, but later on after a long and rocky road to recovery he's reached the point at which he feels ready to settle down and start a family with fem!Steve or Natasha, only to find out he can't conceive. And that causes a lot of heart break in addition to reminding him of his dehumanization at the hands of HYDRA's hands.

unprompted fill--Bucky doesn't get raped and is really down about it

(Anonymous) 2015-05-02 05:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I wrote this scene and it's too gross to show to anyone so I'm posting it here. Hope I'm doing it the correct way posting it as a reply.

Re: unprompted fill--Bucky doesn't get raped and is really down about it

(Anonymous) 2015-05-02 05:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Calm down, nobody wants that.

He was surprised he remembered, but he had remembered a while back. It had been pretty early. He was restrained a lot of the time. He was basically living in a pile of his own shit, which wasn't the greatest. His stump tended to ooze a lot of mysterious fluids. Well, details are nobody's friend when it comes to this stuff, but the point is things weren't all that great.

They were starting to get him ready for the amputation. It was a process for several reasons, not all of which he was able to follow, but one of them was that they needed to clean him. So they had him shackled to this table--pretty loosely, so they could move him around, and he didn't fight too much, he wanted to get clean too. This guy was trying to push his legs up so this other guy could wash behind them, and it was stupid, but it's really not a good feeling when someone bends you in half like that, and he panicked. He started thrashing, trying to kick them off him.

He made noises--he didn't have much of a tongue at that point, it would come back later. He was scared of being touched there. He still had his dick and in a lot of other ways, he was too particular about things.

They all jumped back, and one of the guys hit him in the head with something heavy. It wasn't a big thing, just a reminder. It didn't hurt bad. They all laughed, though.

"Calm down," the guy said, coming back over, and it had already worked--he was still now, he was embarrassed. Because he knew before the guy said it--"What do you think we're going to do? Nobody wants that, you think we're crazy? Nobody's desperate enough to stick it in you."

God, he was lucky they were even washing him. He was so lucky.

safety from non-whites

(Anonymous) 2015-05-05 04:48 pm (UTC)(link)
So I'm not imagining that hydra had alot of racial diversity back in the day, so what if when Bucky gets triggered he fixates on the PoC around him as "someone safe" because he never suffered at the hands of a PoC? Not in an eroticising of nonwhite bodies as much as a safety thing. Sam might not want this responsibility. Aryan ideal Steve does, of course, but sometimes he registers as enemy in the way Sam doesn't. How far does Bucky go with this? Is it just Sam, or any PoC on the team? What kind of lines does he cross?

Re: safety from non-whites

(Anonymous) 2015-05-05 05:17 pm (UTC)(link)
I love it!

Re: safety from non-whites

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Rumlow's not like those other creeps

(Anonymous) 2015-05-06 01:23 am (UTC)(link)
Look, Rumlow might not be the only one using the Asset for "recreational activities" and he might participate in the occasional gangbang, but he's not like those other creeps, thank you very much. He respects the Asset and treats him right – doesn't fuck him dry, makes sure he comes too, sucks his dick once in a while, whatever. And honestly he's a little affronted at the suggestion that they might be the same.

(Basically super unreliable narrator Rumlow who's convinced, for whatever reasons of his own, that whatever he's doing is totally different and totally not rape. Bonus if he gets called on it and/or expects Bucky to remember him favorably because of it).

Re: Rumlow's not like those other creeps

(Anonymous) 2015-05-06 07:57 am (UTC)(link)
mmmm this reminds me of some commentary on 'enthusiastic consent' in fics and how it can, sometimes, put a greater emphasis on 'consenting' to things than 'understanding' them. and that right there is some excellent trash potential :D so good-guy Rumlow always gets consent, right? even though the asset didn't pick the activity... and is essentially a prisoner... and can't even remember his own name... and it's not like he enjoys hearing the asset practically beg for his dick after asking him enough times if he really wants it. that's just a fringe benefit. lol maybe if the asset consents hard enough Rumlow can convince himself that the guy really wants him, specifically him, because he's not like all those other Hydra goons, oh no - he gets permission first

sorry if hijacking, the unreliable-Rumlow-POV corner of the dumpster is great and I love it

Re: Rumlow's not like those other creeps

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Re: Rumlow's not like those other creeps

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Re: Rumlow's not like those other creeps

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Re: Rumlow's not like those other creeps

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Re: Rumlow's not like those other creeps

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Age of Ultron based prompts?

(Anonymous) 2015-05-06 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
A while ago, there was discussion about opening up meme to prompts based on AoU Hydra characters and the like once the movie came out. I'm finding I have a need for things involving Strucker.

b/c i saw aou oops

(Anonymous) 2015-05-06 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
i am in dire need of something trashy with rumlow and the maximoff twins! plz!

Re: b/c i saw aou oops

(Anonymous) 2015-05-08 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
i had not even considered this... thank you

Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

(Anonymous) 2015-05-07 01:40 am (UTC)(link)
Basically what it says on the tin. While I love the fics where they treat the Soldier like he's a dog or not even human, what I'd really like is one where they infantilize him. They've conditioned him to act like a toddler, finding that it's easier to control him. When he's off the ice and isn't killing anyone, Bucky is their baby. It's hilarious to them, to degrade and control such a powerful weapon. Pacifiers, diapers, wetting, literally anything goes (just no scat, please).

+Bucky being embarrassed but not really knowing why, just knowing that he should feel ashamed. Though he secretly likes it because he craves any sort of human interaction.
++I'd really like it if all of HYDRA was aware/took part in infantilizing the Soldier in some way as opposed to just one person (Rumlow, Pierce, etc).
+++Aftermath post TWS?

Re: Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

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Oh excellent! I'm glad I'm not the alone one here with a creepy love for the baby stuff. Please someone do this, it will be so so appreciated!

Re: Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

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Re: Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

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Re: Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

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Re: Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

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Re: Bucky is HYDRA's baby - humiliation, conditioning

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How Rollins got that scar

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I was reading another fill on here awhile back about Brock torturing Bucky, and Jack was there, and I really liked the dynamic between Brock and Jack. Jack seemed really submissive to Brock, but that seemed to be out of both loyalty and fear. There was a part where it was mentioned that Brock was somehow the one to give Jack the scar on his jaw. So, I would like a scene with Brock doing whatever he did to put that scar on Jack's face. I dunno, you could have him forcing himself on Jack after a mission, fucking him really violently and dragging a knife over the exposed parts of his body while he does, even when Jack struggles and tries to stop him, and Brock babbling his usual crap about order through pain the whole time. Get creative with it. Please~

Re: How Rollins got that scar

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i want t h i s because of reasons. i always felt like that there would be a strict hierarchy with hydra and rums would not hesitate to abuse or fuck with anyone even slightly lower than him in ranking.

Double Fill

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Re: Double Fill

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usual rape warning, also bestiality

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ok ok ok so we've got bucky being fucked by tentacles, and dogs, and that's about it as far as i know.
but like, what about horses?
where is the love for our equine friends? surely a super soldier ass can take a massive horse dick. i'm just sayin'.

Re: usual rape warning, also bestiality

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... yes please

Re: usual rape warning, also bestiality

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Re: usual rape warning, also bestiality

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Re: usual rape warning, also bestiality

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Asset/Pierce (Fury/Pierce) - phonesex with Fury

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My needs are simple. I require Pierce using the Asset's mouth like a living fleshlight while Pierce has mutually consensual, satisfyingly dirty, phonesex with Fury.

Bonus: Fury doesn't know Pierce has anyone with him during the call.

Trash Bonus: Fury realises Pierce is with someone but thinks it's Pierce's wife. Which prompts Pierce to ask Fury if he wants to listen to 'her'.

Fury/Strucker noncon

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HYDRA wins. What better prize for the leader of HYDRA than the leader of SHIELD?

Strucker is pretty gay for Fury in the comics (see: shirtless fighting in which Strucker roofies him), and I really want that in the MCU.

+1 for Strucker being creepily gentle with Fury and calling him "My dear Nicholas"

Re: Fury/Strucker noncon

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Re: Fury/Strucker noncon

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During CATWS, Steve is captured by HYDRA, who all brutally gang rape him in true trash meme format. Also, the HYDRA goons order the Winter Soldier to rape Steve again and again, knowing how much it'll fuck with him. He eventually escapes, but not until he has been well and truly defiled by the Winter Soldier.

Fast forward to post-TWS, Bucky regains some of his memories of Steve (but not what he did to him) and seeks him out. Steve still wants to help him, so he takes him in and gets him help etc etc, but he can't forget what happened no matter how much he tries to tell himself it wasn't Bucky that raped him.

Please please give me poor anguished Steve caught between the trauma he went through and how much he loves and misses Bucky! Especially give me Steve ignoring his own PTSD to try to help Bucky out, feeling incredibly guilty if he flinches away from Bucky's touch, and not knowing how to tell Bucky what happened to him.

Bonus if Bucky remembers their past relationship (or just for whatever reason) tries to kiss/have sex with Steve and he goes through with it because he wants to make Bucky happy, but feels horrible after.

All my trash to whoever fills this pls pls pls

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Adding my vote to this! Continually triggered Steve trying to power on through for Bucky's sake? Yes, please.

Cold Dom!Maria/snarky sub!Rumlow

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OK, I just read 'Knock Down' by StarsGarters ( )
And I absolutely loved it, but I need moreeeeee!
I basically want Dom!Maria fucking sub!Rumlow up the ass whenever she feels like it or if she thinks he ever crosses a line. I want Brock crying during it and thinking about what his Hydra teammates or Pierce would think of him with his legs spread open with a monster dildo up his ass. Also I would love if Brock got sounded too and becomes a trembling mess.

Also, the events of CA:WS still happened and when Brock is in the hospital, Maria visits him and fucks him while he's still sore, but he loves every second of it.

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So we got to talking in the trash chat and it was decided that what this dumpster needs is more dislocated joint fics. Pretty please?

Steve finds out and this time Bucky's nightmares really do come true

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Some people accuse misunderstandings of being a tired plot device, but do you know when they're still totally valid? When they're used in order to hurt Bucky Barnes' feelings.

Okay so

+ Steve and Bucky are together, but Steve doesn't know that Bucky was raped in captivity

+ Then the bomb gets dropped in some kind of horrible, traumatic way.
Anything from Bucky being badly triggered in bed to Bucky actually being revictimized would work fine

+ Either Steve is worried that he's been hurting Bucky, could hurt him, or that his ability to consent is compromised. Just whatever the impetus is, Steve floats the idea that they should take a break from having sex, thinking to, you know, at least regroup after the shockwave. And Bucky immediately agrees, and everything is fine

Or at least, that's how it went from Steve's perspective. What Bucky thinks happened is that Steve decided he didn't want him anymore, specifically because he found out about Bucky's history of rape. Bucky walks away from that conversation believing Steve broke up with him. And everything is awful for Bucky. All his feelings of shame, dirtiness, and worthlessness have just been validated by Steve Rogers. He's also dealing with the emotional fallout of his abuse being revealed and however it happened, as well as every other ongoing Winter Soldier trauma, and on top of that his primary source of support has been ripped away. Essentially, all the agony of this blow, with this timing, from Steve.

Things that would make this trash baby very happy include:
Bucky being in terrible emotional pain and not telling anybody!
No matter how hurt Bucky feels, he doesn't think he has the right to mention it!
Self-esteem so low it's nonexistent!
Steve notices Bucky being withdrawn, but figures he's just thrown, and what Steve sees as giving Bucky time and privacy, Bucky takes as more abandonment!
Eventually Steve finds out how much hurt he's inadvertently heaped on Bucky, but before, during, and after that pain!

Re: Steve finds out and this time Bucky's nightmares really do come true

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This is the best. THE BEST.

Fill: Precision 1/~3

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Re: Fill: Precision 1/~3

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Re: Fill: Precision 1/~3

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Re: Fill: Precision 1/~3

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Re: Fill: Precision 1/~3

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Re: Fill: Precision 1/~3

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Fill: Precision 2/~3

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Re: Fill: Precision 2/~3

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Precision 3/3

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Re: Precision 3/3

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Steve/Sam (Bonus for Bucky) - Bottom!Steve, sex pollen

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I just need some more sexpollen-ed Steve, where he's desperate to be fucked and horrified about it and trying to be stoic but he can't stop begging, because Blood From a Stone was hot as hell and I have a lot of feelings about Sam and Steve. If you can set it post CA:TWS and have a (mostly) recovered Bucky helping him through it too, I will love you forever.

Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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So, I was always sort of wondering how Bucky would keep himself alive post-CATWS if he's not with Steve, but also cut loose from Hydra.

So I was thinking: what if his abuse lead to him not really having sexual boundaries, and seeing sex as a commodity. He survives by offering his body for sexual services. Blowjobs, dicks up his ass, even kinky, degrading requests: he doesn't care, he's "used to it anyway", can take a lot of pain, and at least he gets paid.

Since he moves from town to town, he needs to compete with local sex workers, he needs to have competitive prices. Also he figures that with the arm, the scars and his past he's less desirable. So he sells himself for little money. If he gets upset or triggered with a client, he tries to suffer through it, because he feels lucky they'd even pay him at all.

-Trash points if he gets flashbacks to his original abuse

- Bonus trash points if Steve finds him in a humiliating situation, and Bucky offers he'll do *anything* to make Steve feel good for food and shelter.

- Extra bonus trash points if Steve takes him home and Bucky tries to service his sexually on several occasions.

-Super duper trash points if this arouses Steve even though he thinks it's wrong and they somehow end up having sex anyway.

-I'm a sucker for hopeful or happy endings, but choice is up to you.

Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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*whimpers* Please?

Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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Re: Post-abuse cheap whore Bucky.

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