Someone wrote in [community profile] hydratrashmeme 2014-12-07 05:54 pm (UTC)

Bucky can only come with penetration

Bucky's repeated rapes have made being penetrated a minefield for him, and under different circumstances he and Steve would just stick to other things in bed. The complication is that due to extensive conditioning, Bucky can only come with a dick in his ass. I'd like to see Bucky and Steve trying to navigate these turbulent waters -- having to call it off a few times when Bucky starts to panic; figuring out that it works better if Bucky's riding Steve, because then at least he doesn't have someone's weight on him; Steve being careful about where he touches, because if he ever grabs Bucky's hips or hair, the night's over right then.

trash bonuses:

+ some unexpected, seemingly innocuous, sweet things are absolute no-gos for Bucky, like kissing or hand-holding, and it's heartbreaking for both of them
+ Bucky being so frustrated and embarrassed about his limitations that he tries to ignore them, and ends up hurting himself
+ Hydra made sure Bucky couldn't circumvent the rules with fingers or toys

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