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Avengers finding human science experiments Bucky and skinny!Steve + horrific evidence in HYDRA lab

Someone had a prompt mentioning "human experiments" a page or two back and it reminded me of a bizarre and specific fantasy of mine I've had for a while. Not even sure if this is the right meme to be posting it on, but I'll take a shot.

Captain America and Bucky get killed in the 40's, or so the world thinks. In actuality they were captured by HYDRA and instead of Winter Soldiers they were made to be guinea pigs for all sorts of horrific human experiments. Still having some serum inside of them they survive to present day to be found by the newly formed Avengers as the heroes take down the old HYDRA base they currently reside in.

The Avengers kill or capture all the HYDRA agents in the creepy old laboratory and then scope the place out, finding highly disturbing evidence of torture and experiments, some of which sexual in nature. Eventually they find Bucky hiding somewhere. He doesn't seem to speak or understand language (expressive/receptive aphasia?) and has visible effects of the experiments (scars, missing limb, what have you). He's skittish and refuses to leave without Steve. He leads them to skinny!Steve hiding under something, seeming like he's received very similar treatment to Bucky.

Looking for the Avengers being horrified as they slowly uncover the harsh truth of what's been going on right under everyone's/SHIELD's noses and not knowing where to go from here now that they found Steve and Bucky, who refuse to be separated and can't seem to tell their side of the story.

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