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Trash Party Dumpster #1

(Will be continued in a Dumpster #2 post if by some unholy hell-miracle this post hits the 5000-comment limit.)

Filthy anon dumpster for sad hobos to fling moldy pizza crusts, raccoon eye makeup tips, and garbage about their sad trash kinks at each other.

AKA the Hydra Trash Party kinkmeme. One hundred percent Hydra Party Favor Bucky Barnes, Is It Sexy Violence Or Violent Sex?, and Bad Guys Do Bad Things To Your Faves: Winter Soldier Edition. BLANKET NON-CON/DUB-CON WARNING, not safe for work, not safe for life, not safe for anyone, read at your own risk of becoming one of us.

Rules in brief: don't be a jerk except to fictional characters, warnings for particularly fucked-up garbage are nice but not required, thou shalt not judge the trashiness of thy neighbor's kinks unless thy neighbor is trying to pass off their rotting banana peels and half-eaten pizza crusts as a healthy romantic dinner for two, off-topic comments may be chucked out of the dumpster at management's discretion, management's discretion decrees that omegaverse, soulbond AUs, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, etc. are off-topic.

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Unholy hell-miracle achieved! Round 1 is closed; comments and fills in existing threads are still welcome, but all new prompts go to Round 2.

Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

(Anonymous) 2014-11-10 08:12 am (UTC)(link)
Steve feels bad about getting involved with Rumlow like this. Brock's a great guy and he deserves someone who likes him for him; he doesn't deserve Steve using him as a replacement Bucky. But, God, the temptation of having a handsome cocky dark-haired soldier at his back and in his bed, of the illusion that everything is okay, was just too much to resist.

And if sometimes he sees a streak of sadism in Rumlow, if he's too rough in bed or too vicious to prisoners, in a way Bucky never would have been -- nah, he's got to be imagining things. Brock isn't like that.

(...I hope this is trashy enough?)

Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

(Anonymous) 2014-11-10 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know if it is, but sadistic Rumlow manipulating Steve into thinking he is the bad guy hits a lot of my personal buttons for sure.

Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

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Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

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Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

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Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

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Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

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S.H.I.E.L.D. chain of command

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D. chain of command

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D. chain of command

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D. chain of command

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Re: Rumlow/Steve, Steve thinks he's the bad guy here

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Rumlow/Others, Winter Soldier/Others, Rumlow/Winter Soldier

(Anonymous) 2014-11-10 08:16 am (UTC)(link)
Early in Rumlow's career, he's ordered to keep the Winter Soldier safe because Pierce knows that HYDRA do not always hire people of good moral fibre. In fact, sexual deviancy is quite common. And the Asset is quite lovely.

However, perhaps because Pierce is not *that* powerful yet or maybe because Rumlow isn't, Rumlow ends up mid-HYDRA trash party and the only way to get The Winter Soldier out is to be in his stead.

That is, the party wants a show: "You don't want us to hurt him, you show us how".

However, Rumlow's limping after the party because clearly, the show's not the only thing the rest of the partygoers want. And they're somewhat wary of Rumlow it is.

Pierce doesn't suffer incompetence so Rumlow doesn't tell. It happens more than once. The Asset is the only one who knows.

WS/others, mutilation

(Anonymous) 2014-11-10 04:05 pm (UTC)(link)
This was inspired by:

So, a five times fic where the Winter Soldier destroyed someone's penis. Those trash parties are really dangerous...

Level 500 internalized victim blaming

(Anonymous) 2014-11-10 11:09 pm (UTC)(link)
To borrow a phrase from another anon.

Post-memory-recovery Bucky can't deal with the idea of having been raped/abused, so he convinces himself that he wanted and/or deserved everything that happened to him, and doesn't react well to anyone suggesting otherwise. (After all, didn't they tell him he liked it? And didn't it feel good sometimes? And who are you to tell him that what he remembers isn't true?)

Basically, a deeply fucked-up and unreliable narrator in aggressive denial.

Re: Level 500 internalized victim blaming

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
Yep. Totally valid, weird and potentially hot. Seconded.

Re: Level 500 internalized victim blaming

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Re: Level 500 internalized victim blaming

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Re: Level 500 internalized victim blaming

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Re: Level 500 internalized victim blaming

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Dirty talk, pregnancy kink, mindfuck

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Whoever is fucking the Asset has some kind of weird mpreg kink and starts dirty-talking about it. It's a really detailed and filthy fantasy, impregnation, breeding, pregnancy ("We're gonna get a whole litter out of you"), birth, lactation, the works. The Asset starts out convinced that it's all talk, but as it goes on and on he gets more and more uncertain, confused, and frightened.

[Obviously it is all talk, this is not ABO or mpreg-'verse, our HYDRA guy just has some fucked up fantasies.]

+for emphasizing things that the guy talking kinks on, like a swollen belly and breast growth, being total body horror to the Asset

Re: Dirty talk, pregnancy kink, mindfuck

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 04:24 am (UTC)(link)
You mean if someone who grew up on kinkmemes became a member of HYDRA and had use of the Asset?

All his ABO fantasies fulfilled- no one to tell him/her that it's weird and wrong....and it helps that the Asset is with..poses and confusion.

Re: Dirty talk, pregnancy kink, mindfuck

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Re: Dirty talk, pregnancy kink, mindfuck (minifill)

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Re: Dirty talk, pregnancy kink, mindfuck (minifill)

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Re: Dirty talk, pregnancy kink, mindfuck (minifill)

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Winter Soldier/Others: The Cult of the Winter Soldier

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
HYDRA's military members puts him on a pedestal. Their superiors point to the Winter Soldier as an inspiration as a goal. It's an honor to give him a gun. Touch his muzzle etc. Cut his hair..

Lots of Winter Soldier worshipping, including sex. It's like an initiation rite. Unspoken rule: whoever gets him to come the most "wins"- as the Winter Soldier tend not to use those people as collateral damage.

Re: Winter Soldier/Others: The Cult of the Winter Soldier

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 06:32 am (UTC)(link)

Winter Soldier/Other, gun!kink, humiliation

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
One of the higher-ups in HYDRA (maybe Rumlow or Pierce, but I'm open to random!OC as well) gets off on the rush of power from having someone as dangerous as the Winter Soldier at their beck and call. One day, they decide to take their power trip to another level. Cue WS!Bucky being stripped and fucked with the guy's gun while he gets off on the knowledge that he could do anything and the WS will sit there and take it. Also cue all the humiliating dirty talk.

+Extra trashy bonus points for WS being turned on and not understanding why.
+Even more trashy bonus points for HYDRA!guy giving the WS a facial.
+All the trashy bonus points for HYDRA!guy cleaning bucky up after and impressing upon the WS the classified nature of the mission he just went through, and that he's not allowed to tell anyone (with possible insinuations that it might happen again).

*heads off to hide amongst the trashiest corners of the trash bin and hopes for a fill*

Rumlow/Rollins, Angry Rough Dub-Con

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 09:33 am (UTC)(link)
Rumlow and Rollins beings super gay for each other but being super homophobic and angry about it. Cue general douchey behavior, vicious fist fights and rough dub-con kindahatesex (Rollins pounding the fuck out of Rumlow, because I live for alpha males getting hella dominated~).

Insight succeded AU

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 10:47 am (UTC)(link)
Project Insight went down smoothly, WS is no longer needed. As a weapon, that is. Killing him right away would be a waste though, so what happens to him?

Brock Rumlow/Everyone (lol)

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 10:57 am (UTC)(link)
Brock/Winter, Brock/Jack, Brock/Steve, Brock/Natasha, and whoever the hell else you can fit in there. Basically, Brock likes to get beat the fuck up as foreplay to sex and of course the sex has to be just as rough. Straight-up punching, kicking, slapping, scratching, biting, hair-pulling, choking, knifeplay, light bondage, maybe even a little gunplay- all that fun stuff. So, really, just Brock getting his ass kicked and having brutal sex with various people. For funsies.

Re: Brock Rumlow/Everyone (lol)

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
*whimpers* o god please

Re: Brock Rumlow/Everyone (lol)

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Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 11:09 am (UTC)(link)
Hydra feeding the Winter Soldier human flesh for whatever reason

Bonus points if...
+ they feed him someone he knew
+ he becomes so addicted that he can't function without it
+ after escaping Hydra, he goes back and starts picking off the remaining agents

Re: Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 12:03 pm (UTC)(link)
The Dolcett Girls have finally joined our dumpster.

Christ on a wheel.

Re: Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism

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Re: Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism

(Anonymous) - 2014-11-12 00:22 (UTC) - Expand

[Mini-fill for Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism]

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Re: [Mini-fill for Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism]

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Re: [Mini-fill for Winter Soldier / Gen / Cannibalism]

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Sub!Bucky/Howling Commandos/Hydra/Avengers

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 01:06 pm (UTC)(link)
So Bucky has always had a submissive, want to please you streak a mile wide. It starts before the war with Steve, and then during the war, he acts as the (very consensual) Howling Commando fuck toy for when they want to relieve some stress.

And then Hydra gets him, and of course they take advantage of this and twist it and make it ugly in the trash parties.

When Steve gets him back, Bucky wants to the Avengers to use him too. Steve at first is like hell no, because of everything that happened to Bucky, but Bucky insists, and it's a way to reclaim himself. What Hydra did to him wasn't his choice, but he can choose to submit to Steve and the Avengers, and fully trust that they want hurt him. Queue a very loving, consensual (but still a little rough and dirty)Avengers gang bang on Bucky. If there is spitroasting or Natasha riding his face while someone fucks him and bondage, my moldy birthday cake for you.

Rumlow/Bucky - weapon maintainance

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
So basically I've just watched Purge Anarchy and I'm all over fucking Frank Grillo and the fic can't ever be enough...

I have a mighty need for Rumlow and the Soldier working on a solo op for whatever reason (because SECRECY) and having to bunk up together for an undefined period of time, with Rumlow as the only responsible for the WS.

Cue weird intimacy developing, because of adrenaline build-up and staying in each other pockets for days or weeks and the Soldier growing creepily unresponsive or unstable if left on his own too much. I totally adore my own headcanon of Rumlow, where he has a sadistic streak that can be seen from space but he's also very professional and not inclined to ruin his weapons for kicks. So yeah, weapon maintainance it is, and it helps that the Winter Soldier is such a hot ass and Rumlow has always had some sort of uncomfortable mancrush on him. because of how pretty he looks and how cool he looks while fighting.

Re: Rumlow/Bucky - weapon maintainance

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 10:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm assuming you've seen the naked nineties photos, but just in case...


you're welcome.


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Re: op

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Re: Rumlow/Bucky - weapon maintainance

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Re: Rumlow/Bucky - weapon maintainance

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Re: Rumlow/Bucky - weapon maintainance

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post-CA:TWS - Rumlow/Bucky, manipulative relationship

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 04:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Post CA:TWS Bucky goes to find Rumlow, because he's the only person he really remembers asides from Steve. Rumlow, seeing as the WS doesn't seem to recall anything bad and specific about him, understands that Stockholm syndrome could be the only real key to future hypothetical freedom and/or reintegration in special corps.

I'm kinda having this scene in mind, of Steve finding Rumlow (after he has inexplicably escaped the hospital) in a flat he apparently shares with someone, and that someone happens to be Bucky. Rumlow has been taking care of him to make him a full human being, thus stealing this from Steve.

Jealous, mistrusting (and rightfully so) Steve would be awesome, also manipulating, two-faced Rumlow and scared, unable to pick sides Bucky. :D

tl;dr: guys, just gimme some sickeningly sweet, dirty and manipulative Rumlow/Bucky sex and Steve aware of this and unable to do anything without pissing Bucky off.

Re: post-CA:TWS - Rumlow/Bucky, manipulative relationship

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
So this is after complete burn-healing or is there a recovery phase and terrible scarring somewhere in this prompt?

Curious anon wants to know and wants to write.

Bucky/others - non con, sexual abuse after Cap 1

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Bucky has been in the Avengers tower for a little while now and coexisting pretty well with the others. One day Tony calls him 'sweetheart' or makes some heavy sexual innuendo in his usual way and Bucky snaps. It could range from going to the jugular, to curling in a ball in a corner and crying.

Fact is, after this it becomes clear that there's someone they didn't know yet about what went on while Bucky was the WS. So maybe they go find more evidence and find it, or Bucky breaks down and tells them, and they actually find out about the sexual abuse he went through when they were still at the early stages of trying to break him in every way possible. GO WILD WITH THE FLASHBACKS IF POSSIBLE. <3

(frozen comment) Re: Bucky/others - non con, sexual abuse after Cap 1

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 06:37 pm (UTC)(link)
going to the jugular

I have a giant hate boner for Tony.

Re: Bucky/others - non con, sexual abuse after Cap 1

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Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

[personal profile] stoatsandwich 2014-11-11 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Inspired by, but not in direct response to, a number of early prompts here. Internalized kink shame and painplay.


“But you can?” Steve asks. “I mean, on your own?”

Something in his back pops when he stands and Bucky feels like shit all over again. The better part of an hour with Captain America down on his knees, like some golden goddamn wet dream, and he couldn't get more than half hard. His cock has already gone back to curling, limp and pathetic, against his thigh.

“Yeah,” he says shortly.

“So...” Steve leaves the word trailing in the air between them, his big stupid mouth soft and half-open.

“Things are fine,” Bucky says. “Why do you always gotta push, Stevie? Things are fine!”

“No,” Steve says. “They're not.”

“No?” Bucky echoes, twisting the word mean. “You don't like getting your rocks off any more? You don't like putting it in me? Dicking me nice and hard? 'cause that's not what it sounded like last night. Or this morning.”

“I like it fine!” Steve says quickly. “I just – I want you to tell me what I'm doing wrong.”

“Nothing,” Bucky snaps. “There's nothing wrong with you.”

Steve's the same as he's ever been. Steve is perfect. And God, Bucky loves him, and he loves taking it for him, he loves Steve filling him up and leaking out of him – he doesn't mind. It's fine the way it is. He's happy like this.

“There's nothing wrong with you, either,” Steve says, too fast. A pause. “It's been a while,” he says finally. “Maybe I'm just not doing it right. Can While you...?”

Bucky's mouth goes dry. He can't. But Steve looks so fucking yearning...and if Steve sees maybe he'll understand why. Maybe he'll realize it's okay – it's better – this way.

“Fine,” Bucky snarls, and stalks into the bedroom.

He can't make it work, even with his eyes shut. Steve is right there, his weight making the mattress dip beside Bucky's left thigh, and he's watching. He's going to see. Christ, Bucky's going to be sick.

“I usually do it by myself,” he forces out. It's so stupid – what, now he can't even get it up with someone else in the room? – and he realizes too late that he's just admitted to jerking off on his own this whole time Steve's been desperate to do it for him.

“Maybe you should get used to me being here, first,” Steve suggests. “I'll sit over there. I won't look.”

He puts on headphones, too, and turns the music up so loud that Bucky can hear it from the bed.

Bucky makes himself come in three minutes flat.

They don't talk about it. Things don't change afterwards. Bucky makes pancakes and Steve massages his sore shoulder and they do the crossword together. Steve fucks him. And then one morning, after Bucky blows him in the shower, Steve says, “Do you want to try that again?”

He doesn't, but he says yes anyway. And a few days later. When Steve suggests turning off the music, Bucky says okay because he can be quiet. There's not much for Steve to hear beyond the sound of flesh and metal on flesh. Nothing incriminating.

But he can't put it off forever.

“You can turn around,” he tells Steve one afternoon. It comes out sounding shitty and resentful, because that's how he feels. “Not at the beginning. I don't want to know when. Just – don't say anything until I'm done.”

“We don't have to,” Steve says immediately. “You don't have to do this for me, Buck.”

“Might as well get it over with,” Bucky mumbles, and pretends he doesn't see Steve's expression.

He keeps his eyes shut. He pretends Steve isn't going to see. That he won't know.

It takes longer than usual. He keeps getting distracted wondering if Steve is watching yet, but he can't bring himself to look. If he looks he might stop, and he's not sure he'll be able to make himself start again.

Bucky comes with three metal fingers jammed dry up his ass and the sharp corner of his thumbnail digging into his drooling slit. It hurts like hell.

“So,” he says after, staring up at the ceiling so he won't have to look at Steve, “you want to know what they did to me? Why I'm like this?”

Steve's voice is remarkably level. “Do you want to tell me?”

“No,” he says honestly.

“Then no. I don't.”

It's just as well. Bucky doesn't remember most of it anyway. He could make some pretty good guesses based on the bits and pieces he's still got, but it's bad enough that Hydra broke his dick. He doesn't need to know how.

“Can I come over there?” Steve asks quietly.

Bucky shrugs. His metal shoulder clicks and whirs. “Sure,” he says. But he ducks his head when Steve gets up, rolls onto his side and presses his face into the pillow.

“Hey.” Steve sits beside him, not quite touching. “Buck.”

“That's why. I can't... But it was fine before, right? We can keep doing that. You don't have to watch.”

“I don't want to watch you hurt yourself,” Steve says, and something inside Bucky shrivels, but Steve goes on: “I want you to teach me how to do it for you.”
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Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 06:44 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

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Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

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Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

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Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

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Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

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Re: Unprompted fic: "Show, Don't Tell"

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"Blackmail" Brock Rumlow/Jack Rollins

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 07:58 pm (UTC)(link)
This idea is so ridiculous but it seems fun to me. Somehow, Jack finds out Brock’s secret: that he wears lacy lady panties. Well, Jack uses this against him to get small favors and maybe even to get Brock to help him advance in rank or something. Anyway, it eventually leads to him using it to get sexual favors out of Brock.

Re: "Blackmail" Brock Rumlow/Jack Rollins

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I imagine all these uncomfortable meetings with Fury and Pierce and Rogers where Jack is making all these panty references and Brock is squirming in fear. Love it, seconded.

Re: "Blackmail" Brock Rumlow/Jack Rollins

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Re: "Blackmail" Brock Rumlow/Jack Rollins

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Re: "Blackmail" Brock Rumlow/Jack Rollins

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Brief fill for a forgotten prompt

(Anonymous) 2014-11-11 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
A/N: I really don't remember what I started this for, but unfortunately it has been moldering on my harddrive for a long time... so I decided to let it molder in the trash pile where it belongs instead.

One night Steve let his hand stray down to rest against the back of Bucky's head.  When Bucky lifted off of Steve's cock he thought he had gone too far after all, but instead Bucky choked out, "For God's sake just fucking pull my hair already!"  

He gave an experimental tug, then did it harder when Bucky shivered all over.  After that things got a little confused.  Mostly what he remembered was the feeling of Bucky's hair, long and wrapped tight around his fingers, the sounds Bucky kept making every time he pulled at it, and the fact that he came in record time.  Afterwards Bucky drew back, wiping his mouth and probably getting ready to make the usual excuses about how he just wasn't feeling it tonight, but something inside Steve made him feel bold enough to keep his hand where it was.

"Wait."  Bucky stared up at him, suddenly looking almost as cornered as he used to back when they were chasing each other across the continent and he could hardly stay in a room with anyone else for five minutes.  "I want you get yourself off," Steve said.  His tongue felt thick in his mouth and his head was still spinning from orgasm, which he would later think was the only reason he even tried it.  "The way you want to."

Bucky didn't move for a moment, then slowly reached down to undo the button on his jeans.  He was hard, Steve could see, which was at least a change from all the other times they'd done this, and when had himself out and wrapped in his left hand he finally said, "Just keep doing what you're doing.  Yeah–" when Steve's fingers clenched in his hair again, "Like that."

It was everything Steve had missed and hoped for and dreamed about, Bucky kneeling there with his face tipped up so that Steve could see every detail of his face, eyes closed, mouth half-open, wet with spit and Steve's come, a flush spreading down his neck.  It wasn't until he moved his left hand that Steve paid any attention to it, but what he saw made him freeze.

There were four tiny bruises forming or fading just above Bucky's hipbone, one for each of his metal fingers.  And now he had the same hand at his chest, one nipple pinched between metal fingernails, and he pinched and twisted it in a way that made him let out a shivery moan at the same time that Steve flinched involuntarily.

Bucky pushed his head back, bending his spine and panting "Come on, keep going, do it harder, what's the –"

He opened his eyes and saw Steve's face.

It was like a light switching off.  Bucky ducked out from under Steve's hand, sprawling awkwardly sideways on the floor and grabbing for his teeshirt.  When he turned back he was clutching it over his chest as if he was hiding something, as if there was anything to hide, as if his cock wasn't still exposed and half-hard, and Steve had a sudden certainty that if he let him go without saying anything it was going to be the end of them.

"I want to understand," wasn't the most graceful thing he could have said, but it was true.

"There's nothing to understand," Bucky said dully.  "This is the way it is for me now."

"You want it to be hard?" Steve tried.

"I want it to hurt."

"Then we can do that.  We can do whatever we want."

Bucky gave a little half-stifled laugh.  "You're gonna, what, just humor me on this one."

"There are some people who like it better that way.  It's good for them."  Steve had read up on it.  He wouldn't pretend he hadn't found that surprising, but it hadn't made the top fifty list of surprising things either.

"Yeah?" Bucky spat.  "And I was always one of them, huh?"

Steve couldn't lie.

"That's what I thought."  Bucky pulled the teeshirt on.  It was inside-out and there was a damp patch on the front where he must have wiped his hand.  He had to struggle to pull up his jeans and underwear, and as he did his hair fell over half his face in a tangle, and Steve had never felt so self-conscious to be naked in all his life.  But he'd be damned if he let –

Bucky shoved himself up off the floor, arms up like Steve was going to strike at his face instead of touch his shoulder.  "Don't you touch me!"  He took another couple steps backwards, eyes flicking everywhere but Steve and breathing hard.  "Just get some sleep and forget all about this," he said finally.

"Buck, I don't think I can."

"Well you'd better, for both our sakes." 

Re: Brief fill for a forgotten prompt

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 12:20 am (UTC)(link)
Steve had read up on it.

Good on you, Stevie.


Re: Brief fill for a forgotten prompt

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Bucky doesn't realize vaginas exist

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
It's useful for the Winter Soldier to be able to tell men from women due to to different pressure points, and only women being able to get pregnant. But he's unlikely to encounter naked people for very long on missions, as he's not really independent enough for infiltration/seduction. Therefore, his version of sex ed was basically "Women can get pregnant, women have a lower center of mass than men, don't let a target touch your crotch." Everything else he knows, he knows from various HYDRA agents' dirty talk while they fuck him.

No female agents have tried to use him but A) HYDRA is a military-type organization, and therefore overwhelming male dominated, and B) fucking the Winter Soldier's mouth or ass is much easier to explain what he has to do then ordering him to eat you out.

Feel free to add your own ideas of the Winter Soldier's misinformation about sex.

Re: Bucky doesn't realize vaginas exist

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
Maybe once when he disobeyed someone made an idle threat like "We'll cut your dick off".... And when he finally does see a vagina (maybe a female agent got acid or something spilled on her during a mission and had to strip) he thinks holy crap they cut hers off :( :(

Or when a female agent finally does join in on a Hydra trash party, the guys are like "hey Soldier, you finally get to do it with a girl". So he obediently bends over for her and waits for penetration while the room fills with laughter at his expense (humiliated WS is my favorite).

Re: Bucky doesn't realize vaginas exist

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Re: Bucky doesn't realize vaginas exist

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The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
So that they don't have to give him awkward maintenance-handjobs, Hydra keeps the Soldier on drugs that suppress his sex drive.

The Soldier gets assigned to a mission in an isolated place lasting several weeks. His handler (could be Rumlow, young Pierce, an OC) seizes the opportunity to take the Soldier off his meds so maybe the Soldier will show some enthusiasm while getting fucked for a change.

The Soldier suddenly feels sexual attraction for the first time he can remember. Without cryo, he's also got lots of downtime (which, when not getting fucked, he spends sitting obediently in the corner and thinking).

He convinces himself that he's in love with his handler (or one of the other operatives). And maybe they love him too, since he sometimes feels good when they use him? ("No, not 'use' me," he thinks. "'Make love' to me.")

Basically I'm imagining stuff like:
-WS trying to show his affection (cleaning the other person's weapons, giving them his gross protein shakes as a gift).
-WS wondering if the other person likes him too, stealing glances in reflective surfaces to judge his own attractiveness (which he never considered before), feeling insecure.
-WS trying to make himself more appealing (brushing his hair with his fingers, hiding his scars).
-WS wanting to talk to his crush but not wanting to disobey his normal orders to "keep his mouth shut unless it's about the mission".
-Any "WS thinks his trashy reality is a romantic dinner for two" scenarios you can think of.

Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
Christ the winter soldier wanting to be pretty for his sweetheart is making me so hard I can't tell you. And then him wanting to make smalltalk. I don't know if you want the handler to have fluttery feelings, too, but I think it could be fabulous both ways. If you wanted to go the trashier route, then the handler could just be like "wtf?" when he catches the Soldier messing with his hair and rubbing vaseline on his lips to make them shiny and soft.

Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

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Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

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Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

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Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

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Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

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Re: The Winter Soldier "falls in love"

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Brock/Soldier, telling Steve trashy lies (or truths)

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
I just want Brock telling Steve with his dirty mouth about how he fucks the Winter Soldier. I want him to highlight how much the Soldier loves getting dicked in every way possible and even begs for it.

I want lots of frustrated anger and shame and tears from Steve. I want Brock to guess correctly that Steve loves Bucky secretly and can't stand the thought of Bucky WANTING to be fucked by men who only want to humiliate him. And I want Brock to totally revel in all that pain.

Re: Brock/Soldier, telling Steve trashy lies (or truths)

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 04:51 am (UTC)(link)

FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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Re: FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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Re: FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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Re: FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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Re: FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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Re: FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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Re: FILL: Rumlow dirty talk

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the internet is a bitch

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
Rumlow (or Rollins) videotapes all of the brutal gangbang sessions with the Winter Soldier. Considers them private home videos, for when he's feeling a little lonely at night, and wants to jerk off to the pained whimpers of the asset, and the jeering laughs of HYDRA fucking the shit out of the world's most dangerous assassin.

Of course, Rumlow's smartphone just so happens to be linked up to the rest of HDYRA (and SHIELD's) mainframe.

Thanks, Natasha, for airing the dirty laundry and releasing all of HYDRA's files onto the internet. Now the world (and Steve) can see the asset for who he really is.

Cue the fallout from this.

Bonus points for Bucky being utterly humiliated and horrified, and blaming himself for all of it. He blames himself, knowing that he could have overpowered them, but didn't.

Re: the internet is a bitch

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
Oh god YES, esp. yes for Bucky's humiliation and internalized victim blaming hnng

Re: the internet is a bitch

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trash party chain of command

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 12:38 pm (UTC)(link)
inspired by the Alexander Pierce thread--

Random agents don't get to hurt or fuck the asset on a whim. It could mess up his programming. At the same time, he has to be punished for whatever mistakes or minor acts of disobedience he committed out in the field. So of course what ensues is TRASH BUREAUCRACY. Like:

- Bucky accidentally crushes Rumlow's favorite handgun, and a furious Rumlow submits a request for a Level 3 Electroconvulsive Shock Torture Session (6 hours). It gets redstamped and passed back to him with an explanation of denial: "Property damage is only a Level 1 offense; please resubmit with the appropriate paperwork for Level 1 Beating, Waterboarding, or Forced Ejaculation Sessions (2 hours)"
- field agents taunting Bucky about all the horrors his latest mistake just qualified him for
- Bucky having to watch agents filling out the paperwork to hurt him
- the techs/handlers/programmers who approve the requests arguing with overeager agents about how much torture (sexual or non) Bucky's in for, right in front of him
- agents making up ludicrously horrific punishments that Hydra sanctions for imaginary offenses ("whoa, whoa, Soldier! don't touch that teddy bear! don't you remember that gets you the thirteen-day gangbang? guess not, you were so useless after the last one, they had to wipe you so deep you were drooling")

Re: trash party chain of command

(Anonymous) 2014-11-12 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh God (YES)

Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: trash party chain of command

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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Re: FILL: "This HydraWiki Article is a Stub"

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dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Default)

Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

[personal profile] dira 2014-11-12 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
This is just a little piece of a thing I'm working on where Bucky can't get off without brutal pain, post-HYDRA. Flippant working title for the whole thing is The Saga of Bucky's Dick.


"Any recent sexual activity?"

The memory arrived, overwhelmingly vivid, without Bucky having to reach for it: Rumlow, the showers, the shock baton, the moment when the bright electric pain became involuntary collapse--the rough stroking hand in his pants, the swell of pleasure and the moment of release.

"Not... very recent," Bucky said, looking around the room, forcing himself to be here and not there. "The day of the helicarriers. That morning."

Lind nodded slowly, watching him. The memory was lingering, the look on Rumlow's face, and Bucky put something together that hadn't occurred to him before. "I think it was a mercy thing. I think he figured out that I probably wasn't going to survive, so--like a cigarette or a last meal. Last time getting off."

Lind nodded again. "Did you know then that that was what he was thinking?"

Bucky shook his head. "Just knew I had a mission to get ready for, and he took me in the showers and did me. It just happened. I didn't think anything about it."

It occurred to Bucky right then that Lind hadn't reacted to the male pronoun at all. Hadn't stumbled over it or stressed it when he said it back. But that was all right; Rumlow was dead and Bucky couldn't do him any more harm by implicating him. It was only himself he was endangering, and Bucky didn't care what they did to him.

"Do you remember whether you wanted him to do that?" Lind asked in the same neutral tone.

Bucky shrugged. "Didn't want things, back then. Guess I would've rather not, it was a waste of time. And it hurt pretty bad."

The information clicked into place in his mind as he said it: it always hurt, but that particular time it had hurt for no other reason, not anyone else's enjoyment--Rumlow had stayed fully clothed, handling Bucky's body with the same clinical attention as the techs--and not efficiently piggybacked onto a painful procedure or the aftermath of a mission.

He had been kind of aggravated with the inefficiency even then, he remembered, and then he'd decided that it must be a test, a challenge, to see how he performed in adverse circumstances. Mercy wouldn't have occurred to him as a motive back before he remembered Steve.

"We were on a tight schedule," Bucky concluded. "So no."

Lind nodded and wrote something down, the same brief notation he gave all of Bucky's answers. "And that was about six months ago. So nothing since then?"

Bucky shook his head. He hadn't been that close to anyone since then, except when he was killing them. And Steve, when Bucky had wanted to kiss him, but...

He remembered, then, that kissing led to sex sometimes. It had, with Steve. And it hadn't hurt, he didn't think. If he was remembering right. Those memories were distant, before, like something he'd seen in a film, people on the other side of a thick pane of glass. He couldn't feel it the way he felt the memory of Rumlow.

"How about on your own," Lind said. "Masturbation, any of that?"

Bucky shook his head. He remembered his own shaking hand--a technician squirted something chilly and slick into his palm before dropping his hand onto his crotch. He remembered curling his hand around himself, the same way Rumlow had touched him. It had felt the same, the wave of pleasure that briefly blotted out the pain. But there hadn't been any need for that since the helicarriers. No wipes, no procedures, and when he'd gotten injured he'd had other things to keep his hands busy, treating his own wounds and maintaining sufficient concealment. It hadn't crossed his mind, without someone putting his hand on his dick for him.

"No, sir," Bucky said briefly.

Lind nodded, made another note, and said, "How much sleep would you say you get each night?"

Re: Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

[personal profile] stoatsandwich 2014-11-12 06:53 pm (UTC)(link)
*happy flaily grabby hands*

Re: Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

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Re: Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

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Re: Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

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Re: Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

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Re: Unprompted WIP show and tell: Medical History

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Winterbones Revenge Rape/Torture

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
After having suffered through ages of abuse at the hands of Hydra, and finally being free now, Bucky goes out to take down what's left of the organization. But when he finds Rumlow, the memories of that particular pain and humiliation return, and he is left with a burning need to enact vengeance. An eye for an eye, after all.
*Bonus points if Bucky enjoys it more than he should; mega bonus points if Rumlow cries or begs Bucky to kill him.

(Has this been requested yet? If there are any fics out there of this, please post links! Thanks!)