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Trash Party Dumpster #1

(Will be continued in a Dumpster #2 post if by some unholy hell-miracle this post hits the 5000-comment limit.)

Filthy anon dumpster for sad hobos to fling moldy pizza crusts, raccoon eye makeup tips, and garbage about their sad trash kinks at each other.

AKA the Hydra Trash Party kinkmeme. One hundred percent Hydra Party Favor Bucky Barnes, Is It Sexy Violence Or Violent Sex?, and Bad Guys Do Bad Things To Your Faves: Winter Soldier Edition. BLANKET NON-CON/DUB-CON WARNING, not safe for work, not safe for life, not safe for anyone, read at your own risk of becoming one of us.

Rules in brief: don't be a jerk except to fictional characters, warnings for particularly fucked-up garbage are nice but not required, thou shalt not judge the trashiness of thy neighbor's kinks unless thy neighbor is trying to pass off their rotting banana peels and half-eaten pizza crusts as a healthy romantic dinner for two, off-topic comments may be chucked out of the dumpster at management's discretion, management's discretion decrees that omegaverse, soulbond AUs, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, etc. are off-topic.

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Unholy hell-miracle achieved! Round 1 is closed; comments and fills in existing threads are still welcome, but all new prompts go to Round 2.

hydra husbands, plz

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
Rumlow and Rollins pair up a lot in the training room, and most agents will leave knowing better than to get in their way when they're busy. But some days are tenser than others, and some days they're rougher with each other. At some point, a seemingly innocent sparring session escalates into an all-out brawl which then turns into violent fucking. The whole time, it's a battle for dominance.

unprompted crappy art fill

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
More like unprompted crappy CHART fill. trolololo

(seriously, never leave me, you guys)

Re: unprompted crappy art fill

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 07:50 am (UTC)(link)
whispers in-house tentacle creature
Axe body spray


Re: unprompted crappy art fill

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Re: unprompted crappy art fill

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Cognitive Dissonance

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
So we have a lot of wonderful stories of gloriously awful HYDRA agents delighting in their evil, but I imagine most HYDRA members joined because they legitimately thought they were doing what they had to do to save the world. Of course, keeping a man brainwashed and electrocuted counters that "we're the good guys" mentality.

I'd like an exploration of the mental gymnastics the agents do to justify the treatment of the Winter Soldier into something acceptable and possibly even heroic. Maybe they've deluded themselves into viewing the asset as something like a loyal but erratic house pet who needs to be kept in line for his own good and safety? Maybe they even justify trash this way: "Hey, he did good and he deserved something nice. He liked it."

Bonus points if someone's confronted after Insight about their treatment of the Soldier, and is still unable/unwilling to admit what they did was wrong.

Re: Cognitive Dissonance

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
ooooooooo i am intrigued

Re: Cognitive Dissonance

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Fun in the freezer

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 08:15 am (UTC)(link)
The asset is aroused just before cryo so his erection, like a delicious frozen popsicle, is available for any hydra goons who want a lick.

Re: Fun in the freezer

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
You know that if you run your tongue over something too cold it sticks, right? :D

Re: Fun in the freezer

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Re: Fun in the freezer

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Re: Fun in the freezer

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Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

[personal profile] tenlittlebullets 2014-11-13 12:14 pm (UTC)(link)
(For a Tumblr prompt requesting "the Winter Soldier ordered to interrogate and/or bang Steve." Which, let's be honest, can never be done too many times, especially if you can get an awful title pun out of it. Warnings for torture, noncon, and... Alexander Pierce being himself.)

In retrospect, Steve probably should’ve figured that with him on the loose and Insight about to launch, Hydra would be smart enough to post an overnight guard outside the Captain America exhibit. But seriously, a squad of Hydra goons swarming out of the Skylab capsule to rush at him with horse tranquilizers right when he’d recovered his uniform? That was just disrespectful, and to a symbol of American courage and innovation no less. Neil Armstrong would be ashamed.

He wakes up naked and pinned, spread-eagle, to a pair of exposed steel beams running vertically up the wall. They’ve been painted a tasteful black, and on the opposite wall they’re being used to support an expensively minimalist built-in bookcase. There’s granite tile flooring under his feet, and an enormous flatscreen set into the bookcase and split to show the feeds from twelve different security cameras. On one of them, a man in pajamas and a dressing gown is climbing the stairs.

Of course Alexander Pierce’s house has a panic room. Of course the panic room is decorated like a multimillion-dollar loft apartment.

The door—heavy, reinforced, with a system of locks complex enough to make Tony Stark get down on one knee and propose to it—swings open. Pierce is holding a stun baton in one hand and a steaming “World’s #1 Dad” coffee mug in the other. “Did it have to be four a.m.?” he grumbles.

Steve throws himself forward with all his strength, hoping to at least get in one good punch before any guards arrive to complicate things. The magnetic cuffs again. They don’t budge, and this time he doesn’t have the leverage to pry them off the wall as easily as he had in the elevator.

"Let’s skip the formalities, Captain," says Pierce. He’s fiddling with the settings on the taser. "I assume you, Romanoff, and Wilson have taken it upon yourselves to sabotage the Insight launch. And I don’t think you have any intention of telling me what the plan is, no matter what I do to you. But that’s the thing about torture. You never know how long you’ll hold out against it until you’re the one tied to a bedframe with a live wire wrapped around your nuts."

There’s really nothing to say to that.

"You can come in now," Pierce calls towards the open door, and turns back to Steve, holding up the stun baton with a thoughtful look on his face. "Twenty minutes. That’s about how long I lasted when the Viet Cong decided to return some of the favors we’d been doing them with the old Tucker telephone. Between your enhancements and your reputation… well, I have to admit I’m curious how long it will take you."

Steve barely hears him, because instead of a squad of goons there’s only one person entering the room. It’s Bucky.

He’s unarmed and shirtless. His eyes zero in on Steve, and he blinks several times, confused.

Pierce hands him the stun baton. “Shock him,” he says. “One-second bursts, whenever I give the word. Pick sensitive areas.”

"Bucky," Steve starts, and tries to catch Bucky’s eye as he presses the tip of the baton into Steve’s left armpit. "Bucky, you—"

"Now," says Pierce, and Steve breaks off, gasping and wincing in pain.

"You don’t have to do this," Steve says quietly, doggedly, as soon as he can speak again. He gets a shock to the inside of his elbow in retaliation, and agony shoots through his whole left side. Pierce barely gives him time to recover before ordering another one, and it lands on his inner wrist, and now his arm is seizing up. If they keep going like this, it’s gonna be a question of which will break first under the strength of the convulsions, the shackles or the bones in his arm.

But Bucky saves that for later and swings his arm down to deliver a warning shot to his inner thigh. Steve tries again, his voice already going ragged and choked. “Bucky, it’s me. It’s Steve. I’m your friend—”

"Steve…" Bucky mutters, his brow furrowing in confusion. But before he can get any further than that, Pierce says, "Now."

This time, the shock is right to his dick. Steve’s world whites out for a second. When it comes back, he’s pretty sure he was screaming, but now he’s just breathing in uneven, heaving gasps and thrashing against his bonds so hard his wrists and ankles are bleeding.

Someone slaps him. Not even hard enough to hurt, just enough sensation to bring him fully back into his body. “Unpleasant, isn’t it?” says Pierce. “You have to understand, Captain Rogers, I’m not enjoying this. Tell me what your friends are planning for Project Insight and we can wrap this up like reasonable men.”

Steve spits in his face.

Pierce sighs. “Disappointing, but not unexpected.” He pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his face off, and turns back to Bucky, who’s staring at Steve with his eyes narrowed. “Left armpit, inner elbow, and wrist, was it?” Pierce says. Bucky nods. “Well, you’ll just have to transfer it to the other side. Same pattern. Two-second bursts. But do it to yourself instead of to him.”

"No—" Steve shouts, and throws himself forward, trying harder than ever to pull the mag-clamps loose. Bucky doesn’t even question it, just transfers the baton to his metal hand and raises it, but he pauses at a gesture from Pierce.

Pierce looks over to Steve, eyebrows raised. “A little more willing to be reasonable now?”

Bucky’s thumb is on the switch. He… Jesus, he hadn’t even hesitated. What the hell have they done to him? If it were Natasha, Sam, any of the Howling Commandos, the old Bucky, Bucky in his right mind—Steve knows what he’d do. He knows them all well enough to know they’d brace themselves and tell him to keep his fat mouth shut, and his job would be to hang on and honor their sacrifice. Same as they’d do for him. But Bucky in this state wouldn’t be taking one for the team. He’d just be suffering without even understanding why.

Somewhere amidst all the pain surging through him is a sudden swell of compassion for everyone who’d cracked and collaborated—not under torture, but when the Nazis had threatened their families. Their children, too young to understand why their parents wouldn’t save them. He hadn’t dared judge too harshly, even at the time, but now… “You sick bastard,” he hisses at Pierce.

"It’s up to you," Pierce shrugs. "Should he shock himself? You give the order, Captain."


"Then you’re going to talk?"

And then the Insight helicarriers scratch people off the list. A few million at a time. “No,” Steve whispers.

Pierce nods at Bucky, who ignores Steve’s desperate shout of “Don’t do it! Bucky, you don’t have to do it,” and thumbs the switch. Bucky stays impassive through the first two shocks, but by the third, his arm is jerking and twitching too hard for him to keep the baton pressed to his wrist for the full two seconds. Even then, his eyes are vacant. Elsewhere.

"Bucky," Steve says, with all the command he can muster. "Soldier." His voice cracks on the word. "He told me to give the order. I’m ordering you, don’t hurt yourself."

Bucky’s eyes snap over to him, and now they’re anything but vacant. He looks shocked. His mouth twists, and for a second it’s Bucky Barnes staring back at him—but then he glances back over to Pierce for confirmation.

Pierce shakes his head. “You can’t listen to him,” he says quietly. “Hydra’s enemies are manipulative. Some of them are convinced they’re doing what’s right, no matter how much chaos and destruction they’ll unleash. It’s our job to protect the world from them. No matter how much pain we have to endure.”

Bucky just looks confused at first, but his jaw sets in determination at it’s our job. Steve looks on in horror as he kicks his pants off and jabs the baton into his own bare thigh. “Buck,” he rasps, “Project Insight. It will kill millions of innocent people. And he’s the one behind it.”

The look Bucky shoots Pierce is one of genuine uncertainty, even suspicion. But Pierce says, “Shock yourself,” and Bucky obeys the direct order.

"Now the last one."

Hurting himself is the one thing Bucky doesn’t hesitate to do. Steve closes his eyes, but he can still hear the stifled whimper and the clatter of the stun baton hitting the floor.

Pierce’s hand clamps down on Steve’s jaw. “Oh, no, you’re going to watch,” he says, his voice far too close. “There are worse things I can make him do if you don’t cooperate. They aren’t nice methods to resort to, but I haven’t come this far only to flinch at what has to be done. Not when I’m so close to making the world safe once and for all.”

Steve keeps his eyes closed and says nothing. Pierce’s finger strokes his cheek so gently it makes his skin crawl. “I thought you’d understand that, Captain. I thought you’d understand the need to protect people. To shield them. But you won’t even protect him, will you? All these years. All that legendary loyalty. And you’ll stand by and do nothing when he needs you the most.”

Steve swallows. He’s not going to cry. He’s not. “Bucky died defending the world from Hydra,” he spits out, his voice tight. “If he survived—whatever parts of him are left—the last thing he needs is for me to betray it to protect him from you.”

He feels Bucky tense up, like a pair of eyes watching him.

Pierce lets go with a sigh of disgust. “Fine. You—” He snaps his fingers at Bucky, like a dog. “Get down on your knees and blow him.”

Steve’s eyes fly open in shock.

He can’t—surely Bucky wouldn’t—oh God, have they been—

Bucky’s already on his knees, his face inches from Steve’s junk. No. No, he can’t—Steve shakes his head frantically, unable to speak in the face of what’s about to happen, trying to convey with his look of mute horror that Bucky doesn’t have to do this.

Bucky stares up at Steve, chewing his lower lip. He doesn’t look the least bit concerned. Or scared, or disgusted, or even hesitant. He looks thoughtful. He frowns the way Steve has seen him frown a hundred times when he was stumped by the morning crossword. And then he smiles a tiny hard smile of satisfaction, like he’s found the word he’s looking for. And winks. Hold on, he mouths at Steve.

Steve’s jaw doesn’t even have time to drop before Bucky’s lips close around him. Sensation overpowers thought for a moment, and he throws his head back, eyes squeezed shut. Bucky’s mouth is so hot on his skin—God, no, not like this—he hasn’t, no one’s ever—it feels so good he’s going to die, he’s going to crawl right out of his skin, he’s never going to be clean again—Bucky winked at him, what—

He wrenches his eyes open. Pierce is staring. Standing there in his goddamn dressing gown sipping his goddamn coffee, watching in morbid fascination as he uses Steve’s body to—Steve’s mind trips over the word, then seizes on it with a grisly kind of determination—uses Steve’s body to rape Bucky’s mouth. There’s a flicker of movement behind him.

The security cameras. Something’s moving on the security camera feeds. He catches a glimpse of hair swinging, of dark lithe limbs moving in the shadows. Natasha.

Hold on. Steve screws his eyes shut again and finally lets the tears leak out of them. He hopes it’ll keep Pierce’s gaze riveted on him until rescue arrives.

Re: Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 12:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Holy... this is amazing. Love your Steve-voice, Pierce with his morning coffee omg, and Bucky hesitating for Steve but not for himself, woah. I'm sure someone will be able to put it in better words, for now please accept this shattered mug and the remains of a thrice burned security tape as gifts.

Re: Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

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Re: Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

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Re: Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

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Re: Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

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Re: Another unprompted fill: Interrobang

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(frozen comment) Manchurian Candidate AU

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 12:56 pm (UTC)(link)
This is pretty name-replaced from the wikipedia synopsis -

Sargeant James Barnes is a war veteran who begins to doubt what is commonly known about his famous U.S. Army unit. During the Gulf War, Captain Steve Rogers-Shaw supposedly rescued all but two members in his unit, Rogers became a war hero and was awarded the Medal of Honor; launching his political career.
Thirteen years later, one of Barnes' former Howling Commandos, contacts him and says that he suffers from confusing memories and "dreams" about their lost Army unit. He is clearly deranged, but he shows Barnes some images he has drawn from his dreams.
Rogers, now a U.S. congressman, becomes his party's candidate for Vice President after his mother, Virginia Senator Eleanor Prentiss, pressures party leaders into passing over their intended pick, Senator Tom Jordan. That evening, Marco has a nightmare in which he is being held captive and brainwashed along with his fellow soldiers.
After Shaw is nominated, Marco begins investigating what really happened during the war. He finds an implant in his back and, soon there after, one in Steve's after a confrontation at campaign headquarters. After having the one taken from Steve analyzed, Barnes realizes that it is a nanotechnological experiment connected with Manchurian Global, an international weapons manufacturer with major political connections. Marco researches Manchurian and recognizes Armin Zola, a former Manchurian geneticist-turned-mercenary, from one of his nightmares. Barnes brings his findings to the attention of Jordan, who, although he doesn't entirely believe the story, confronts the Shaws and suggests that Raymond bow out from the campaign. Instead, Eleanor "activates" Steve and orders him to kill Jordan.
With the help of the FBI, Barnes arranges a private meeting with Shaw on Election Day, and tries to convince Steve of what is happening to him. Steve seems to agree, and gives Barnes his Medal of Honor, which he says he does not deserve. Steve receives a phone call from Eleanor, who activates Steve with the intention of having him assassinate the President-Elect and giving Steve the presidency by default. Steve and Barnes resist their conditioning to remain in a lucid state of mind. At the election party, Steve shares a dance with Eleanor on-stage, which allows Barnes to kill them both. Just before Barnes can kill himself, FBI Agent Eugenie "Rosie" Rose stops him by shooting him in the shoulder.
The FBI covers up Barne's involvement, framing a deceased Manchurian Global contractor for the shooting. In the last scene, Rosie takes Barnes to the compound where he was conditioned, apparently in conjunction with an FBI investigation. Barnes now more clearly understands what has happened, and he lets the sea take away a picture of the "lost platoon" along with Shaw's Medal of Honor.

Manipulative douchebag!Rumlow/Steve, A story in porny snippets [1/?]

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 02:20 pm (UTC)(link)
[There have been a few prompts lately asking for manipulative Rumlow/Steve. This fill happened and though it’s a mix of these prompts, it doesn’t fit any of them 100%, so I thought I post it extra.]

Please note: he’s not lonely. Or rather, he feels less lonely when he’s actually alone than when he’s surrounded by people who should be but are not the ones he still remembers so vividly every time he closes his eyes.

Why yes, of course he has their backs in the field. He fights tooth and nail for them, with them, and he tries to be a good team leader in every way, always an open ear for all of STRIKE’s smaller and greater concerns.

Privately, he keeps his distance - maybe a post-mission beer once or twice, but he’s usually the first to leave. It’s his choice really. There’s a lot a guy can live without if his mind is set to it.

And that’s why he really isn’t sure how he ended up in Rumlow’s apartment, how they didn’t even make it to the bed. How he’s pressing Brock to the wall, hands digging into the other man’s thighs for dear life, Rumlow’s cock down Steve’s throat as far as it will go. Fact is, he’s so hard from it that the smallest movement drags his dick against the fabric of his pants in a way that makes him wail.

"Fuck," Rumlow says and and yanks Steve closer, a flash of sharp pain where blunt fingers pull at a fistful of blond hair. Brock is wound up because he’s close and Steve hums despite the discomfort because it’s him that reduced Rumlow to nothing but primal need and yeah, yeah, doesn’t that work like a charm on Steve’s dick too. Really, given the state Steve himself is in - Jesus - it’s not like it’s charity. Rumlow curses loudly, obscenely, and oh yes, it’s Steve who comes first, untouched, with a pulsing cock stretching his lips and he sucks and laps and swallows like a dying man before the Fountain of Life.

So yeah, that’s how it is: it’s not that he needs company. But he’s gotta keep in mind that his body craves contact sometimes. And that now and then he can do with a reminder that he’s still got it in him to make someone feel good.

Re: Manipulative douchebag!Rumlow/Steve, A story in porny snippets [1/?]

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)

Pierce/WInter soldier, Rumlow/Winter soldier - ritual of passage

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
In the movie I couldn't help but notice how it seems that Pierce is grooming Rumlow to be the next handler. Since he's old and all it would make sense, because handling the soldier can't be a job that one learns on his own.

I would LOVE to see some 'personal tutoring', sexual or not up to you!

Re: Pierce/WInter soldier, Rumlow/Winter soldier - ritual of passage

(Anonymous) 2014-11-16 04:13 am (UTC)(link)
I've read a gen fic where this comes into play, anon. Nothing particularly trashy about it though, so it doesn't fit in the trash meme.

Rumlow/WS - sex pollen

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
You know, the usual... fuck or die scenario, but since it's the asset there's a big side of risk even to the fucking part.

Since for some reason it's Rumlow and the asset trapped somewhere, and assuming the Rumlow knows how to handle the asset at this point, I would love to see Rumlow realise that things can go only one way if he wants to survive unscathed: he needs to gain the upper hand quickly and make the asset roll over by being VERY convincingly alpha. Either that or the asset might try it himself and possibly ruin them both because of his inhuman strength and animalistic behaviour.

Rumlow - hot porny pictures

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
So, I'm the op that got this helpfully informative comment ( in the previous page and now I have only one thought:

Rumlow made those pictures when he was young for whatever reason. Someone finds out, maybe Rollins or maybe someone else at Hydra. Hilarity, admiration or blackmail ensues. Or all three, seriously. Sex can be in the equation too, whatever, I just want to read something about those ridiculously hot pictures to get them out of my system...

Re: Rumlow - hot porny pictures

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 04:25 pm (UTC)(link)

WS being made to torture himself

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Shamelessly inspired by the beautiful pile of trash just above

Whether it's Steve being captured and tortured (via torturing Bucky) or just HYDRA testing their control over the Winter Soldier, him being ordered to do increasingly awful things to himself.

Maybe for an extra trashy twist, Bucky being told to get himself off even while he's hurting himself.

Re: WS being made to torture himself

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
May I humbly submit that this would be a beautiful opportunity to make him fist himself with the metal hand?

Re: WS being made to torture himself

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Re: WS being made to torture himself

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Re: WS being made to torture himself

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Re: WS being made to torture himself

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the metal arm feels everything

(Anonymous) 2014-11-13 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Bucky's left arm has exactly the same range of sensation, under the same stimuli, as the right. But it can't get damaged, so Hydra trained the pain aversion out of him.

Steve never thinks to ask if it has feeling. And no, of course he doesn't ask for a local anesthetic when they're doing maintenance -- Hydra never offered...

Re: the metal arm feels everything

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 12:24 am (UTC)(link)

Re: the metal arm feels everything

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Re: the metal arm feels everything

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Re: the metal arm feels everything

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Re: the metal arm feels everything

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This pic screams female Winter Soldier to me.

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 01:59 am (UTC)(link)

I still really want a WS-in-chastity fic.

Re: This pic screams female Winter Soldier to me.

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
whoah <3

Team Movie Night

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 04:30 am (UTC)(link)
Rumlow (with or without the rest of the STRIKE team) takes it upon himself to make sure Steve has seen all the movies about himself, whether they are good, bad, or just plain naughty. Naturally this includes the porn, especially the one HYDRA's psych warfare division made with a scene where the Bucky standin gets gangbanged while a prisoner. Queue plenty of comments that seem like normal raunchy soldier jokes but have a hidden meaning which Rumlow finds hilarious.

Bonus points if Steve finds it a turn-on. Double bonus points if he takes the ribbing in stride and pulls his usual making-shit-up routine and suddenly no one is quite sure whether the Humping Commandos movie may be more accurate than previously believed. The coveted triple bonus points if somehow the asset is involved in filming.

Re: Team Movie Night

(Anonymous) 2014-11-16 08:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I like this idea!

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 05:10 am (UTC)(link)

Not a prompt or anything but that gives me a damn good visual of Rumlow doing trashy things to whoever or, even how he fucks the winter soldier.

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 05:31 am (UTC)(link)

Do you really think he kisses the asset like that?

(no subject)

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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Winter Soldier fetishization + victim blaming

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Imagine that files and videos documenting Bucky's sexual abuse were leaked onto the Internet along with everything else. Shortly after he goes public with the Winter Soldier = Bucky Barnes story, someone puts the pieces together, and in the manner of leaked celebrity sex tapes, Bucky's rape tapes go viral.

Of course a lot of people would find this horrifying, but there's also the segment of the public who would feel that their prurient curiosity entitled them to invasive snooping, the people who would be disgusted with Bucky, and then the people who would unashamedly get off on it.

So then we've got:

- Bucky having to deal with lewd, personal, or triggering questions at press conferences or public events
- porn reenactments of the footage
- websites/fanclubs dedicated to eroticizing his rapes
- all kinds of harassment, blaming, shaming, and censure
- people casually commenting on paparazzi pics of him, like: "look at him, no wonder they fucked him"

All the while Bucky is still traumatized over his time with Hydra, including sexually traumatized, and he's going through hell trying to cope with the knowledge that everything he's ashamed of is available to the public -- who, when they aren't yelling at him for it, are using it to whack off.

Re: Winter Soldier fetishization + victim blaming

(Anonymous) 2014-11-14 10:12 pm (UTC)(link)
This is meta in ways that give me the weirdest boner.

Re: Winter Soldier fetishization + victim blaming

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(Anonymous) 2014-11-15 12:18 am (UTC)(link)
Not just fisting.

Like, all the way up to the elbow fisting. Hardcore fisting.

Double-fisting. Foot-fisting. Punch-fisting. Brutal fisting. Object-bigger-than-a-fist-fisting.

Fisting the winter soldier until he's screaming and there's blood running down his thighs. Fisting until he literally can't walk, can't even keep himself standing on shaking legs.

Gentle fisting. Bumping knuckles along his prostate until he's whimpering with need. Reassurances that he's "doing so good, yeah you can take it baby, just relax, there you go..."

Fisting. Give it to me (or rather, him).

Re: Fisting

(Anonymous) 2014-11-15 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
Foot-fisting. that a thing?

Re: Fisting

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Re: Fisting

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prolonged object insertion

(Anonymous) 2014-11-15 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
This fill over here has given me a serious craving for a fic about prolonged very large object insertion. I don't really care the scenario -- maybe someone has a pregnancy kink and decides to use a huge inflatable dildo on Bucky so he looks pregnant. Maybe they make him sit on a horse didlo or a bad dragon toy while he cleans his weapons. Whatever. I just want Bucky stuffed with something very big for a long time. Extra points for descriptions of being able to see the bulge through his stomach.

Re: prolonged object insertion

(Anonymous) 2014-11-15 01:43 am (UTC)(link)
the subdepartmental manager has approved this request

Re: prolonged object insertion

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Re: Announcements!

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This trashbaby is fine without an official spoiler policy, as long as the prompt makes it clear if we're heading outside of currently-available MCU canon (ex: "comics Civil War timeline", "Age of Ultron trailer").

As for the overall focus, my main concern is that if we open it up too much, we run the risk of becoming like any other Avengers meme. If the "pan-Cap-fandom" is defined as just MCU Cap 1/2/3 characters (plus Cap-centric comics), I'd be cool with that.

(Selfishly, I'd like to avoid going pan-Avengers - while I love Loki and Tony Stark, certain other memes I've participated in quickly became all about them, and I kind of like having this squalid little dumpster where we focus on the Soldier/HYDRA/Crossbones instead.)

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Re: Announcements!

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Bucky/Other, Bucky/Steve: File- The Winter Soldier Section: Sex

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So HYDRA did treat The Winter Soldier like an experiment. They know everything about him.

They took detailed notes from pain response ot sexual arousal to how those relate etc. (70 years is a long time for experimentation).

The notes fall into Steve's hands. He's torn between anger and wanting to use them on Bucky (and some details he recognized from when Bucky was still alive), which makes sex with Bucky very awkward. He doesn't want to remind Bucky of his handlers.

Bucky knows these notes exist. He also zones out whenever those touches etc are applied, but they work. He get very aroused etc within parameters described.

Computer Zola/Winter Soldier

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I don't care as long as it's dreadfully weird and filthy.

Maybe Brock and Jack have to take him down to Camp Lehigh every now and again and strip him for the monitor. Maybe Zola likes to have the Soldier dust and clean those endless rows of units. Or maybe you think of something much worse... just please. I'm begging you.

Re: Computer Zola/Winter Soldier

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Oh wow I like how you're thinking

Re: Computer Zola/Winter Soldier

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Re: Computer Zola/Winter Soldier

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HYDRA/WS, "plucky teenage sidekick"

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Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, HYDRA is actually responsible for the concept of Bucky as a teenage sidekick. Someone fairly high up thinks it's funny to dress Bucky in a stupid booty uniform and give him a catchphrase, etc - their own real life action figure.

+ Bucky getting to sleep in a twin bed with comic book sheets

++ Bucky thinking this "roleplay" is canon to real life - that Captain America really did have a sidekick he was fucking

+++ Bucky tells the real Steve all about their adventures

Re: HYDRA/WS, "plucky teenage sidekick"

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omggg Bucky talking to Steve about their adventures and the sidekick uniform and Steve stripping him out of it before fucking him post-mission goddddd

Rumlow/Ward : Horrible Hydra Husbands

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Don't you think these two evil fuckers would get along like a house on fire? You know, lots of screaming and casualties?
Bonus points if Ward gets jealous of Rumlow's relationship with The Winter Soldier. And Rumlow just doesn't give a fuck.

Hope this is within the confines of the new rules...

Re: Rumlow/Ward : Horrible Hydra Husbands

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That sounds hilarious, someone do it. Please!

FILL: Rumlow/Ward : Horrible Hydra Husbands

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Re: FILL: Rumlow/Ward : Horrible Hydra Husbands

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Re: FILL: Rumlow/Ward : Horrible Hydra Husbands

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Memorandum - Quality Control

(Anonymous) 2014-11-16 08:26 am (UTC)(link)
Hey Everyone,

It has come to our attention that there have been a few irregularities with the asset during entertainment events. The board has asked for a solution, and I am eager to hear suggestions from associates that have experienced unsatisfactory results from the asset's entertainment function so that we can solve this problem. Please reply to this email with your ID, department, and the date of your unsatisfactory experience. Together we'll figure this thing out! :)

Eventually we hope to have a detailed checklist that will be used during an in-depth quality control procedure before all events. I have already listed some of the most frequent complaints. Feel free to contribute.
The function of this procedure ensures that all the following requisite factors are in optimum condition:

-appropriate rectal elasticity
-skin free of distracting blemishes
-appropriate oral hygiene (lavender scent suggested, other ideas?)
-gag reflex disabled
-emotional stability (no crying issues)
-comfortable internal body temperature

Please share your ideas!

Thank you,
P. Sandoz
Junior Associate, Research and Development

Re: Memorandum - Quality Control

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I thought we had decided that some people like the crying????


Re: Memorandum - Quality Control

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Re: Memorandum - Quality Control

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