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Clearing out my AO3 bookmarks awwwwyeah.

Rumlow/Winter Soldier

Open Up ( - allofthefandoms - "God, look at you. Bet you'd do anything I asked."

Hydra Party Favor ( - DekuDani - THE ORIGINAL. "Inspired by stereowire and her amazing anons during HYDRA PARTY TRASH PARTY 2014. I tried to reference as many kinks as possible to create all of the sad, sick, trash boners anyone could ask for."

Like Clockwork ( - marchingjaybird - The mission is complete and the Soldier is rewarded.

(darling you are) so cold to the touch ( - poisonandkerosene - Written for this prompt at capkink: "Give me the fic where Rumlow is the new appointed guy to handle the Winter Soldier awakening and to get him back in shape after the freezing. Clearly Rumlow takes advantage of his role to do, a-HEM, other things. What a waste of a perfect face and body would that be otherwise (he's not going to remember half of it anyway later)."

Parasite ( - oscillos - Rumlow is the only thing that makes sense in his darkness. Pre-CA:WS (kind of).

Your Slaughterhouse, Your Killing Floor, Your Morgue ( - likeasugarcube - The soldier does not want. He has no desires of his own. He exists only to carry out the will of his handlers. The only feeling allowed to him is pain.

Pierce/Winter Soldier

Personal Gratification ( - redcandle17 - What’s the point of power if you can’t abuse it once in a while?

Worthless Smiles Got You For Sure ( - Lady_Oscar - Alexander Pierce and The Winter Soldier have a routine.

Who You Were Then/Who You Are Now ( - th_esaurus - Let us take what James Barnes remembers as fact.


Wash This From My Hands ( - nevtelenwriting - Steve, Sam, and Bucky are hunting down what is left of Hydra operations, half fueled by justice and vengeance, and the gnawing need to keep Bucky safe. They fall in over their heads.

Toy ( - TwinKats - He asked, “Do you want to see the exact control we have over it?” and watched as Rogers swallowed. “I could give it the order to finish you now, and it wouldn’t hesitate.” The asset tensed, as if waiting for that very command. Rumlow couldn’t exactly see it’s eyes, not from the way the asset’s head was lowered and its hands folded into its lap, but he expected just the slightest bit of defiance considering it couldn’t complete it’s mission.


Going Down ( - justanotherStonyfan - Steve gets more out of fighting with people who like to fight than he does out of jerking off in the shower. And then later, when Rumlow gets the upper hand in the elevator, Steve learns just what kind of mistake he's made.

For the Trees ( - justanotherStonyfan - Brock's been highly trained but there's one job he likes more than the others - being so close to Rogers that Rogers doesn't even see him. PWP.

And I'll Show You Somehow ( - tenlittlebullets - Okay, so Steve's kind of distracted by the revelation that his dead best friend is now a brainwashed Russian assassin. Rumlow sure does know how to pick his moments. But that doesn't mean Steve Rogers is suddenly going to start being impressed by bullies.

Five Times Steve Should Have Noticed What Brock Was Really Saying (and one time Brock had nothing to say) ( - storiesfortravellers - For this prompt at avengerkink: Steve/Rumlow, Steve really did have feelings for him. (...and maybe Rumlow did too.) Basically I want something where he and Rumlow had a thing where Steve was actually really into Rumlow and cared about him so maybe failed to notice some things. Maybe Rumlow got a little too rough in bed sometimes, or got a little too into the dirty talk(calling his "little whore" or something) or generally makes obnoxious comments about him sometimes, but Steve didn't really have an issue with it. He likes that Rumlow doesn't treat him like he's made of glass, he likes that he doesn't act like he's a blushing virgin. And maybe Rumlow has grown a little fond of Steve too, in his own fucked-up way.

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