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Hydra/Bucky + ball gag, non con

Title: Lessons in Advanced Conditioning
Pairing: James "Bucky" Barnes/Brock Rumlow, James "Bucky" Barnes/Hydra Agents
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: I just really want fic where the the Winter Soldier is getting brutally fucked by someone while wearing a ball gag. It can be Rumlow or a routine Hydra party favour orgy etc. I just really want a scene of like Bucky submissively accepting the ball gag much like the mouth guard when he's about to be mind wiped, before he gets fucked into multiple times.

Bonus if Bucky remembers it with the same apprehension as being mind wiped, like the sight of the ball gag is something Bucky is innately scared of, but still allows around his mouth anyway because he isn't allowed to say 'no'.

+heavy petting, overstimulation, nipple play
+bucky trying not to make a sound, but needy, hoarse whimpers come out from behind the ball gag anyway
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