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Didn't Feel Like Dancing

Title: Didn't Feel Like Dancing
Pairing: Steve/Bucky (past Steve/Winter Soldier non-con)
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: Steve was captured by HYDRA(/HYDRA subsidiaries) at some point before CA:TWS. While they had him, he was brutally beaten and raped by the Winter Soldier. The Soldier was wearing a mask, so he had no idea who it was at the time and fought like hell. He managed to escape, and has dealt with it in his own Steve-ish way (ie, by destroying many punching bags) without telling anyone. And then, of course, the movie happens.

Some time later, Bucky has made his way back to Steve and is beginning to throw off his programming and remember who he used to be. And Steve lets him crash on his couch and introduces him to the last 50 years of Disney movies and doesn't take it personally when Bucky freaks out and tries to kill him occasionally, and is basically just the best thing ever, and Bucky is finally starting to feel like he might be able to be a person again.

And then, one day, he remembers what he did to Steve.

Basically, I just want guilt-stricken, horrified Bucky and stoic, forgiving Steve.

Link to fill: Revised version (AO3):
Original kinkmeme version:

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