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WS/Rumlow, sex pollen

Title: Lock Down
Pairing: Winter Soldier/Brock Rumlow
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: Rumlow and Winter Soldier are contaminated with sex pollen/aphrodisiac and either quarantined or the Vault goes into lockdown. They're stuck in a room together spewing pheromones, testosterone and fuck-me-now signals.

But Winter Soldier hasn't had/been permitted to maintain an erection in 70 years. So he's confused, frightened, and fighting his instinct to fuck Rumlow to death because he hasn't been ordered to.

Rumlow thrives off order, authority and self-control, and would rather eat a bullet than show signs of weakness in front of a subordinate. But his instinct to fuck Winter Soldier to death takes Rumlow's self-discipline and replaces it with WANTS and NEEDS.

Extremely violent, life-saving, sex ensues.

+ Rumlow being prepared to let Winter Soldier go without release until one of the techs/Pierce points out that, if the ASSET dies they'll sterilise the room with Rumlow still inside it.
+ Winter Soldier using his metal arm to hold Rumlow down.

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