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Hydra goons/WS; arousal as mechanical malfunction

(Anonymous) 2014-08-22 06:41 am (UTC)(link)
Title: Non-Critical Malfunction
Pairing: Hydra goons/WS; past Steve/Bucky
Completion status: WIP

The asset has an erection and doesn't know why. As instructed, he goes in for maintenance when something is wrong, and the Hydra mechanics take advantage.

Bonus for basing it on this snippet of instruction on how to check for leaks. With the leak here, of course, being precum.

"Finding leaks can sometimes be a very difficult task... The following tips will help:

-Identify the kind of fluid that is leaking.
-Locate the general area the drips are coming from.
-If the leak is not obvious, clean the suspected area and recheck.
-An inspection mirror can help in hard to reach areas.

If you still cannot find the leak, try a powder, like foot powder. Apply the powder in the general area of the leak. You should be able to trace the [fluid] trail over the white powder."


Re: Hydra goons/WS; arousal as mechanical malfunction

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Now complete, on Ao3: