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Chatter post

For all your discussion needs.

Ground rules:
- Try to keep it loosely trash party related, or at least Cap fandom related.
- Disagreement is fine, nastiness is not.
- Being offended is not carte blanche for nastiness.
- Trashmeme ground rules apply. Read at your own risk, no romanticizing your noncon garbage, no wank about the moral acceptability of noncon kink.
- Body shots, sniper shots, and tetanus shots are all available at the open bar. Party like it's 2014, kids.

Re: RP

(Anonymous) 2015-01-06 05:57 am (UTC)(link)
I would be so down for this, if I was playing Bucky. But as weird as this sounds, I'd also like honest feedback? Like, when the scene is all done and stuff. I have little confidence in my writing and would love to get some honest concrit.