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Once upon a time, in the glory days following the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, all the angry Tumblr yelling about Sebastian Stan's "just rolled out of a gutter behind the world's seediest gay bar" chic hopped into bed with a bunch of lewd speculation about metal arms, stun batons, magnetic handcuffs, and obedient brainwashed assassins getting passed around Hydra office parties. Thus was the Hydra Party Favor trash party born, and we've been doing appalling nonconsensual things to super-soldiers ever since.


1. Don't be a jerk (except to fictional characters).

This is, of necessity, arbitrary and subject to the mod's judgement. Arguing with the mod about what constitutes jerk behavior isn't jerk behavior in and of itself, and neither is opining that another commenter is being a jerk and asking them to knock it off, but don't be a jerk about doing those things.

2. This meme is a choose-not-to-warn experience.

Giving advance warning for particularly fucked-up stuff is polite, but nobody's going to twist your arm if you don't.

3. Here be non-con kink. Deal with it.

If you want to get judgey about the fact that some people get off on dirtybadwrong things happening to their favorite characters, this isn't the venue for that debate. If non-con/dub-con triggers or upsets you, with all the sympathy in the world, I advise you to run far, far away for your own safety. THAT SAID, feel free to get judgey over non-con that isn't acknowledged as such. You want to crash in this dumpster, you've got to fucking own the trashiness of your kinks.

Specifically, trash party kinks hard on the awfulness of straight-up non-con, torture, and abuse. If what grinds your gears is non-con that the story doesn't acknowledge due to badwrong in-universe rules of consent, whether it's rape-is-love ravishment fantasy or Gor-esque slavefic or various flavors of a/b/o and D/s-verse, hey, as long as you're not the one claiming it's consensual, we're all filthy perverts of equal standing... but that's not the dynamic that drives this party, so trashmeme isn't the place to get your fix.

4. Management reserves the right to delete off-topic posts at will.

[community profile] hydratrashmeme is a niche kinkmeme, and much like the exact nature of jerkitude, the exact boundaries of the niche are an arbitrary judgement call. I'm not up for rules-lawyering or hair-splitting about what constitutes the nature of Hydra Trash Party. I showed up to Hydra Trash Party several weeks late with Starbucks, bro, I don't even have the right to define the Zen of Garbage. That said, to give you a feel for what this place is about:

A non-exhaustive list of things that are definitely on topic: Hydra doing terrible things to Bucky Barnes, Hydra doing terrible things to Steve Rogers, Hydra making them do terrible things to each other, pretty much anything that could be described as "bad people do dirtybadwrong things to your faves, Cap fandom edition," fucked-up violence kink of any degree of consensuality, meta crack about the trash party

A non-exhaustive list of things that are definitely off topic: prompts not centered around Cap franchise characters (anyone who was in CA:TFA or CA:TWS counts), dark!Steve/dark!Avengers/OOC good guys doing dirtybadwrong things to your faves, A/B/O, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, soulbond AUs, screwy in-universe rules of consent, prompts that blur lines about what is actually consensual and what isn't

A non-exhaustive list of gray areas: aftermath/recovery prompts (fine if heavily focused on past badwrong), appearances from other Marvel characters (fine as cameos if the main focus is on a Cap character, not fine as a backdoor for Tony Stark/Loki/Grant Ward/etc to steal the show)

Yes, this means there are several flavors of non-con and general fucked-upness that [community profile] hydratrashmeme just ain't here to provide. Hydra Party Favor Trash Party 2014 started out doing one thing and doing it well, and this meme's focus is expanded slightly from there, but it still isn't all things to all people all the time. For itches that the trash meme is disinclined to scratch, may I recommend the fine purveyors of smut over at [community profile] capkink, [ profile] avengerkink, [community profile] avengers_kink, [ profile] marvel_cinekink, and the many other Marvel kinkmemes that would be delighted to receive prompts for any kink under the sun.

5. Kinkmeme etiquette dispute not covered in the rules? Try to sort it out peaceably on your own before calling in the mod.

This dumpster is largely self-regulating. If some well-meaning anon tries to hijack your prompt or otherwise steps on your toes, be civil with them, but go ahead and clarify that you Do Not Want. Assume good faith wherever you can. Don't play "gotcha!" with random people's comments; you are not the vigilante etiquette cop Gotham needs or deserves. The mod will intervene if things get nasty, but as long as self-regulation keeps working for us, it would be bad for everyone's blood pressure to have the mod policing the finer points of dumpster deportment.

The ins and outs of kinkmeme etiquette are beyond the scope of this rules post, so I'll leave you to Google it unless multiple people want me to draw up a set of basic guidelines for Shit Trashmod Won't Harass You For But Other Anons Might. Prompt hijacking is the only faux pas that seems to happen with any degree of regularity here anyway.

One trashmeme-specific request: unprompted fills are more than welcome, but instead of putting the full text of the fic directly in the thread-starter comment, please post an intro comment and then reply to it with the fic text so that people can collapse it if they don't want to scroll. Or just make a prompt and self-fill on the sly.

Re: Good Guys Do Badwrong Things: The Thread

(Anonymous) 2014-06-26 10:40 am (UTC)(link)
I feel we could just apply the same rules that led to A/B/O being barred -that if such topics are allowed they'll take over the whole meme, because everyone will want their light-Avenger OTP with a Trash Party twist, and they're perfectly within the bounds of other kinkmemes.

The issue in that case would be deciding a cut-off point, and I'd suggest it'd be a matter of whether the focus was on Character's abuse by Hydra or on Character's situation without Hydra. There have been some very good fills that are skirting the line wherever we choose to draw it, so I think any changes resulting from this debate shouldn't be retroactive, but rather to keep the meme on topic in the future.