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Title [if applicable]: -
Pairing: Steve/Winter Soldier
Completion status [complete/WIP]: WIP
Text of prompt: So getting fucked by his handlers was the only source of pleasure the Winter Soldier ever had. Sure, sometimes they hurt him, but at least they were touching him and talking at him, instead of ignoring him completely like the scientists did. And even better, sometimes, when he was really good, they let him enjoy himself too. In a life devoid of even the most basic human comfort, this pleasure was what drove him on and gave him purpose.

And then Operation Insight happens, and he ends up with Steve. Now Steve tries to offer the Winter Soldier small comforts like good food and a warm bed, and they are appreciated. But what the Soldier really wants, and all he can think about when he's been out without a mission in so long, is getting fucked. It's pretty much been programmed into him as the ultimate thing to strive for.

Cue Winter Soldier getting on his knees and pressing his face to Steve's crotch to try and get him to take his dick out, pulling his pants down and bending over, sucking his metal fingers and stretching himself etc. Maybe he can't verbally ask, since that's been trained out of him? So he just begs "please" and presents himself.

And of course Steve tries to say no, at first, and reassure Bucky that he doesn't have to do those things. But Bucky just tries harder when told no, kneels by Steve's feet and begs and pleads with him until finally Steve just gives in.
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