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Fill: no broken bones, no permanent damage - Hydra/Bucky (1/1)

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Title [if applicable]: no broken bones, no permanent damage
Pairing: Pierce/Bucky, Hydra/Bucky
Completion status [complete/WIP]: complete
Text of prompt: Pierce doesn't take part, just sort of sits back and makes orders couched as casual suggestions, remarks about whatever's going, asks the other participants how it feels, or speaks directly to the Winter Soldier. While when he speaks about the Soldier he uses very degrading language and urges the others to be rough and not hold back, when he speaks to the Soldier himself it's a soothing stream of encouragement – "That's right" "just like that" "you're doing so well" "you can take another, I know you can" "just a little bit more" "you're being so good".

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