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Lips are for Kissing

(Anonymous) 2014-08-16 06:05 am (UTC)(link)

At some point in the not so distant future Steve and Bucky are reunited - and once Bucky has recovered from his stint as a brainwashed assassin as well as possible - these two finally fess to the mutual not-quite-brotherly feelings for each other that they've both tried their hardest to ignore back in the day.

And everything is just about perfect for a while, right up until the point they first decide to have sex.

The problem? Well, Steve, being not only quite the gentleman but also extremely aware of the torture and punishments inflicted upon Bucky under Hydra's command tries his damned best to be as loving and gentle as he can.

All while Bucky is either perfectly aware of having been a party favor at this point or starts experiencing flashbacks during the sex - either way, turns out that the times he's been fucked by Hydra members & friends were the only times he's been treated with anything resembling faux-gentleness and care instead of being ignored at best and hurt at worst.
Steve being all sweet and gentle with him freaks him the hell out and makes him feel dirty and sullied and broken.
So he tries his best not to flinch away or cry or beg for mercy, because how could he ever justify denying the man he loves so dearly the pleasures others have taken from him time and time again?