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Fill post

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Title [if applicable]:
Completion status [complete/WIP]:
Text of prompt:
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Fill: Sharing

(Anonymous) 2017-01-26 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: Sharing

Pairing: Steve/Bucky, past Rumlow/Bucky

Completion Status: Complete

Text of prompt: Inspired by the prompt where Bucky and Rumlow have to work together:

Steve and Rumlow have to work together. And Rumlow will not shut up with stories about Bucky, which include stories about fucking Bucky, like locker-room talk between guys who've had the same piece of ass.

+ Rumlow talks about what Bucky is like when he's getting raped (facial expressions, sexual skills, etc) in a very objectifying, dehumanizing way... and Steve DOES find those things familiar

Link to Fill: (

(Anonymous) 2017-01-28 02:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: Post-Wipe Check
Pairing: HYDRA Tech/Winter Soldier
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: Can we get something with Bucky drooling uncontrollably and some hydra agents making fun of him for it/suggesting it's because he wants their cocks so badly?

Also consider that both babies and dogs are known to be drooly.

Link to fill:

Art fill: WS/monster

(Anonymous) 2017-01-29 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Title [if applicable]:
Pairing: WS/monster
Completion status [complete/WIP]: complete
Text of prompt:So Hydra has a new pet monster they plan to use in their nefarious schemes, just as soon as they figure out how to control it.

Luckily they figured it has a ridiculous appetite for sex and will be pretty quiet after it's mated with whatever poor fool they've rubbed with pheromones and thrown in it's cage. For some reason it isn't much interested in fucking anything that isn't human. The only downside is that is basically a death sentence, the monster doesn't do it on purpose, it's just its cock is so big and barbed that who ever it mates with dies from internal bleeding.

Hydra doesn't have an unlimited supply of monster fucktoys and the beast gets increasingly upset as each mate dies, so they figure they got to set up something more permanent. Someone points out that the winter soldiers are sturdy enough to take it and would be able to heal from any damage they take, so why don't they just use the original one? He's sent out on fewer missions now that they have this elite kill squad.

Bucky is tossed into the cage with the protocols typically used for trash parties activated, so he's extremely turned on and submissive, but also completely out of joint because he wasn't programed to be fucked by a giant monster, just a bunch of old sadistic perverts.

I was picturing the monster to be kind of catty, maybe with some dragon and extra limbs thrown in, but feel free to use your imagination on that one, just so long as it's not really humanoid.

some bonuses
+the monster likes grooming its mates after sex, like a cat
+some hydra goons try to heckle Bucky while he's being mated and get snapped at by the monster for their troubles
+there is an incident where the monster built up resistance to the sedatives they use and Bucky can't be taken out for a wipe so he starts remembering things - being regularly fucked by a monster does not mesh well with this
+They try to practice using the monster on the battlefield beside the Winter Soldier, but it just ends up fucking Bucky into the ground.

Link to fill:

(Anonymous) 2017-02-08 01:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Title [if applicable]:
Pairing: Rumlow/Hydra
Completion status [complete/WIP]: complete
Text of prompt: Hydra captures Rumlow and punishes him for his failure. His former coworkers are not kind as they rape the shit of him.
Steve breaks into a hydra base to steal some info and destroy it from the inside, but on his way through he encounters Rumlow being raped. He has to decide if he's going to save him or not. He knows some of the awful things Rumlow has done, in particular to Bucky, but Steve also doesn't like seeing anyone being treated that way.
+Rumlow thinks Steve wants a turn with him
+Rumlow doesn't want pity and says awful things
+Steve is squicked out

Link to fill:

Fill: Saddle Soap (pony play cleanup)

(Anonymous) 2017-03-12 02:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Title [if applicable]: Saddle Soap
Pairing: none
Completion status [complete/WIP]: complete
Text of prompt: Unprompted fill. Maybe not quite trashy enough, because *gasp* there is a little humanity showing!
Link to fill: and

Fill: Knifeplay/bloodplay

(Anonymous) 2017-03-17 11:52 am (UTC)(link)
Title [if applicable]: Pretty, In a Way
Pairing: Jack Rollins/Winter Soldier, Jack Rollins/Brock Rumlow
Completion status [complete/WIP]: complete

Text of prompt:
Anon needs trash/noncon with lots of focus on knifeplay and marking cuts all over and bleeding. Can be Hydra roughing up their Asset, or Hydra or their Asset roughing up a prisoner/target, who could be Steve.

Link to fill: and

Inappropriate Bucky

(Anonymous) 2017-03-21 05:20 am (UTC)(link)
Title [if applicable]: Eat Rotten Fruit
Pairing: Stucky
Completion status [complete/WIP]: Complete
Text of prompt: Bucky keeps making very off-color rape jokes during sex with Steve, along the lines of "C'mon, Steve, those Hydra assholes used to fuck me harder", etc.
Bonus points for sassy, super competent Bucky. No murder dolls please, at least not in the present tense.
Link to fill:

(This is more inspired by the prompt, and the ensuing argument about how Steve would respond to Inappropriate Bucky, than it is a straight up fill for the prompt.)

Fill: Love

(Anonymous) 2017-04-16 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: Love

Pairing: Steve/Bucky, non-con Rumlow/Bucky

Completion status: Complete

Text of prompt: Repost of a (very) old prompt:

One day, Steve comes home to a naked (plugged?) trembling winter soldier kneeling in his living room.

Rumlow and his goons captured Bucky again, and seeing as he's no good to them anymore, decided to use him to completely destroy Steve. They messed with his memory, superimposing Steve on all the worst abuses Bucky suffered, then told him he'd been given to Steve to play with.

Bucky is desperately, viscerally afraid of him. He doesn't just expect Steve to hurt him, he knows he will. Captain Rogers was always the cruellest of his masters.

Lots of trashy heartbreak ensues. Bonus for Rumlow and Bucky referring to Bucky as "the asset" and "it".

Link to fill:

FILL for Even Evil Has Standards, Ross teams up with rogue Avengers at Raft to defeat HYDRA

(Anonymous) 2017-04-21 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
Title: There Is A Line
Pairing: NA
Completion status: In Progress
Text of prompt: Team Cap is being terribly abused at the Raft. HYDRA has wormed their way into the guard's ranks, and they regularly drag the prisoners out to torture or rape them, reveling in their helplessness and pain.

When Secretary Ross comes to check up on his prisoners, however, he notices that they're unusually quiet. Closer inspection reveals bruises and blood and perhaps even some dried semen. Ross figures out from one of them that HYDRA infiltrated the base, and his reaction is something along the lines of - to quote a line from the Joker - "I've been working with a NAZI?!?! I may be a criminal lunatic, but I'm an AMERICAN criminal lunatic!"

And then to everyone's shock he proceeds to work with TeamCap to help overthrow HYDRA's hold on the prison.

Link to fill:

Re: FILL for Even Evil Has Standards, Ross teams up with rogue Avengers at Raft to defeat HYDRA

(Anonymous) 2017-08-19 06:14 am (UTC)(link)
Updated at long last, under same story cut.

Fill: Speaking out just makes it worse

(Anonymous) 2017-04-22 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
Title: Speaking Out
Pairing: Non-con Hydra (esp. Rumlow) with Bucky/WS
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt:
So, at some point before he fell (pre-war, during his first captivity, on a mission with the Commandos) Bucky was raped. Steve knew about it & did his best to help him through it, but that was about all the support system they could risk-- back then, male rape wasn't a thing that was ever acknowledged. It wouldn't even have really been an option for them to open up about this awful thing that happened to anyone else, even the Howlies.

So when Steve wakes up in the future and finds out about all these organizations supporting and advocating for rape and abuse victims, he thinks it's absolutely amazing. He starts getting involved, speaking publicly in support of victims, and talking about his strong, brave, wonderful friend Bucky who had to go through this all alone, and how great is it now that there's all these people who are willing to stand up against sexual violence? It's a little bit of a violation of Bucky's privacy, but he doesn't think Bucky would mind too much if it helps others in the same situation. And besides, he's dead and this can't hurt him anymore.

...Oh, wait.

Meanwhile, the WS actually isn't used like that, but now that the idea's there...

And all the lovely awful aftermath of accidentally causing Bucky to be abused again

Link to fill:

Fury/Pierce and Bucky, WWII Roleplay Gone Awry

(Anonymous) 2017-04-22 12:55 am (UTC)(link)
Title: The Joke That You Made in the Bed
Pairing: Fury/Pierce, Fury/Pierce/Winter Soldier
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt:
After Fury saves Pierce's daughter, Pierce is extremely grateful. And, well, he's easy on the eyes, he's friendly, and he's got connections, so Fury has no qualms about getting into bed with him. Even if he does have a kink for pretending to be Captain America and getting told off by his superiors for being a reckless idiot, going on rescue missions alone and crashing planes in the sea. Fury's dealt with stranger things.

And really, bringing in some amputee veteran who looks bizarrely similar to Bucky Barnes isn't the weirdest thing they've done in bed (there was the time Mrs. Pierce showed up in her historically accurate Agent Carter getup, and Fury and Pierce have both worked with Carter), but the kid's still unnervingly quiet and malleable and Fury doesn't know why the hell Pierce wants to get lectured about letting "Bucky" fall off a train anyway, and he's relieved when that experience turns out to be a one-off. Eventually, the whole tryst tapers off, which is good, because it's not all that many years later when they find the real Steve Rogers in the ice, and it would just be awkward for Fury to have to work with him while all that's going on.

Cue Fury in his underground hospital bed, so repulsed when he learns the truth about Bucky Barnes and puts two and two together. Give me Fury trying to compartmentalize his disgust and horror at what he was unwittingly part of, because there's no time for that shit. And Fury is acutely aware that Rogers might not be forgiving if he found out.
Link to fill: and here:


(Anonymous) 2017-04-24 12:27 am (UTC)(link)
Title: Married to His Work
Pairing: Rumlow/Hydra Logo
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: And I don't mean Hydra operatives, I mean the organization itself.

Rumlow considers himself married to Hydra. He decides to consummate his marriage by fucking a Hydra logo. I don't care if it's painted on the wall or on the Soldier's back, or wherever, I just want Rumlow to rub himself all over it until he comes.

Bonus points:
+ the words "Hail Hydra" turn Rumlow on
+ Rollins paints the Hydra logo somewhere on his body so Rumlow would fuck him, too
Link to fill: and here:

(Anonymous) 2017-05-25 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
Title [if applicable]: Crossbones Crossdressing
Pairing: gen
Completion status [complete/WIP]: complete

Text of prompt:Brock would look good in drag, wouldn't he?
A mission maybe, or hazing or something. I'd prefer it not too horrible, just some mortally embarrassing but mostly harmless fun.
Oh and humiliation is a yes.

Link to fill: and

Incontinent Bucky

(Anonymous) 2017-07-20 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: The Only One That Needs to Know
Pairing: Steve/Bucky, HYDRA Agents/Winter Soldier
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: Between the brain frying, trauma, and generally having other people managing every part of his body, Bucky has lost the ability to control his bodily functions. HYDRA manages this by keeping him in diapers, and he felt no sense of shame about this until some asshole STRIKE members started bringing up what a pain in the ass it is to have to change him, making fun of him when he loses control during a gangbang, humiliating him for the mess. Maybe giving him punishments, such as refusing to change him because they told him to hold it and he couldn't.

And then, when he's back with the Avengers and trying to recover, a lot of accidents occur. Basically I want to see Avengers being generally extremely supportive of a very humiliated Bucky, and trying to comfort him in the best way they can.

Bonus points for recovering Bucky being very resistant to diapers but eventually ending up having to admit he needs them.

All the bonus points if, at some point, he ends up trying to have sex with one of the Avengers (preferably Steve, but Sam or Nat would work too) and has an accident in the middle of the act. He's horribly ashamed and they have to comfort him while coaxing out the stories of abuse by the STRIKE team, trying to convince him that he's not dirty and he's worthy of love. I would also love to see the partner getting into the shower or bath with Bucky and very gently cleaning him up, and even though he knows logically that they wouldn't hurt him, he's still surprised because he had the abuse response conditioned so deeply he almost expected punishment.
Link to fill:

Also on AO3:

3 times Brock Rumlow raped someone + 1 time he was raped

(Anonymous) 2017-08-18 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Title: Pretty Boy

Pairing: Brock Rumlow/Cameron Klein, Brock Rumlow/Jack Rollins, Brock Rumlow/Winter Soldier, OMC/Brock Rumlow

Completion status: complete

Text of prompt: so, y'know those, 5 times, etc. fics? i want one like that, but brock, and raping people. candidates include steve, sam, natasha, jack, sharon, bucky, maria, etc. my only set-in-stone requirements are that the victims be ca:tws characters and that 2 of them be jack and bucky (the rest and number is up to you). so yeah. that's all. i think.

Link to fill: and

FIll: The Narrow Door

(Anonymous) 2017-09-06 06:31 am (UTC)(link)

Title: The Narrow Door
Pairing: Natasha Romanov/Original Male Character, Natasha Romanov/Original Female Character
Completion status: Complete
Text of prompt: 
“In the Red Room there is a locked door. The girls all refer to it as the Silent Fitting Room. Girls go in the room in the morning, and come out deathly silent, pale, shaken, and locked in a chastity belt that they don't get to take off until the next day.

No one knows what goes on in the room because none of the girls who went in ever talk about it, and no sound ever comes from the room for them to guess from eavesdropping.

Natasha's name is next on the list to spend the day in the locked room, so bright and early that morning she is dragged out of bed and marched down the hall to face the big secret.

Turns out, what goes on in the little soundproof room is slow, thorough, complete ass training for the girls.

And at the end of a day spent with their backside being fucked open, they're wide enough to take the soda-can-wide, foot-and-a-half long "Training" dick all the way to the base.

Which is then locked inside them with the chastity belt.”

Link to fill:


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