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Dumpster #2: ...'Cause a Hydra Trash Party don't stop

Unholy hell-miracle achieved! Welcome to Bad Guys Do Bad Things To Your Faves 2: Electric Boogaloo. AKA the seamy sexual-violence-and-violent-sex underbelly of Captain America fandom, AKA the Hydra Trash Party kinkmeme. As usual, BLANKET NON-CON AND NSFW WARNINGS apply: just assume going in that everything in this landfill is unfit for human consumption.

Rules in brief: don't be a jerk except to fictional characters, warnings for particularly fucked-up garbage are nice but not required, thou shalt not judge the trashiness of thy neighbor's kinks unless thy neighbor is trying to pass off their rotting banana peels and half-eaten pizza crusts as a healthy romantic dinner for two, off-topic comments may be chucked out of the dumpster at management's discretion, management's discretion decrees that omegaverse, soulbond AUs, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, and dark!good guys AUs are off-topic.

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Re: Bucky can only come with penetration -- Smash All Your Mirrors, 4/?

(Anonymous) 2015-04-04 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
I nearly made my author's note "Dear anonymous commenter, here's your fawn response." (Um, assuming you are that anonymous commenter, of course). He's already transgressed, and whether it's from fear of rejection or fear of reprisal, what Bucky wants doesn't matter anymore. He guesses Steve wants it sweet and tender, but if it had gone on much longer he probably would have tried something else. I went back and forth on the gag line – it was either that or offering to let Steve tie him up. Maybe the idea that Steve might want mutually-satisfying sex with an enthusiastically consenting partner did occur to him, but it doesn't seem like an option just then – he doesn't know how to play that. And then once he's had a moment to calm down, of course Steve's reticence has to do with his issues, and any consideration of Bucky's safety has to be contemptible, because anything else would mean questioning what I think were lies he made himself believe to survive. Steve can't say the word 'rape,' but neither can Bucky. He's totally seeing how far he can push it, too. Steve says he'll come back? He says he wants the truth? Let's see him handle this.

Well, if all goes to plan there are depths of emotional torment (and, I hope, love and mutual support?) yet to be plumed even if/when they have a frank conversation, so stay tuned. :D

Re: Bucky can only come with penetration -- Smash All Your Mirrors, 4/?

(Anonymous) 2015-04-05 03:44 am (UTC)(link)
I am SO tuned--DA

Re: Bucky can only come with penetration -- Smash All Your Mirrors, 4/?

(Anonymous) 2015-04-05 09:34 am (UTC)(link)
Yesss, that was me. Oh no, everything about this is terrible -- Bucky being afraid even though it's Steve, and being so afraid he dismisses his own consent (because he doesn't even know how to PLAY consent, haaaa it's so terrible). And of course he would have learned to read his abusers' desires so he could play to their expectations, so the the fact that the "sweet and tender" he falls back on is a sick mockery of willing participation provides a lot of horror through implication.

I'm totally tuned to the emotional torment channel, all day every day.