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Dumpster #2: ...'Cause a Hydra Trash Party don't stop

Unholy hell-miracle achieved! Welcome to Bad Guys Do Bad Things To Your Faves 2: Electric Boogaloo. AKA the seamy sexual-violence-and-violent-sex underbelly of Captain America fandom, AKA the Hydra Trash Party kinkmeme. As usual, BLANKET NON-CON AND NSFW WARNINGS apply: just assume going in that everything in this landfill is unfit for human consumption.

Rules in brief: don't be a jerk except to fictional characters, warnings for particularly fucked-up garbage are nice but not required, thou shalt not judge the trashiness of thy neighbor's kinks unless thy neighbor is trying to pass off their rotting banana peels and half-eaten pizza crusts as a healthy romantic dinner for two, off-topic comments may be chucked out of the dumpster at management's discretion, management's discretion decrees that omegaverse, soulbond AUs, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, and dark!good guys AUs are off-topic.

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Round 2 is closed; comments and fills in existing threads are still welcome, but all new prompts go to Round 3.

Acidic Supersoldier Semen, dub-con?

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
I want something where supersoldier semen is very plentiful, thick and acidic. So Sam and Bucky are having unprotected sex for the very first time and everything is great until Bucky cums and cums and cums bucket-fulls.

Maybe at first Sam is shocked by the amount he has to take and the thickness of it. However, he soon realises everything is burning and all hell breaks loose as he goes into a panic while Bucky and Steve try to get the thick burning globs of semen out.


If you can insert a small amount of dub-con in it. Maybe Bucky holds him down while he comes inside him and Sam is trying to get away?

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
I'm sorry, anon, this prompt is against the HYDRA Trash Party rules. 1) It has nothing to do with HYDRA, 2) it has dubcon which is borderline dark!good guys.

fucked while unconscious

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 11:41 am (UTC)(link)
A pile of rotting fish heads to whoever writes me something where Bucky blacks out in the middle of being fucked by Hydra agents, maybe because of pain, maybe because of being choked too long or even a lack of air from somebody skullfucking him, up to writer basically! Anyway this doesn't stop the Hydra agents for a second and they keep fucking him like a ragdoll while he's blacked out, moving him into whatever positions they want.


+ Bucky wakes up again at some point and is confused about what's happening.

WS Breathing restriction and corset bondage

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Hydra lacing Bucky too tightly into his armor/a corset and him having trouble breathing. Then everyone fucking him breathless.

Bonus losing lotto tickets for additional bondage aspects of his modified outfit.

Bucky is straight, but...

(Anonymous) 2015-09-06 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
...due to his trash past, he can only get off if his partner is a man. So, at some point, he decides to initiate a sexual relationship with Steve.

Whatever other kind of drama and trauma is going on, I'd love for this to be somehow positive for Bucky. Like, he's not attracted to Steve, he doesn't love him that way, but sex with him is intimate and comforting, and makes Bucky feel bonded and loved. Buuuut if someone wanted to write this and have Steve be in romantic love with Bucky, or any other pain that seems good to fling in there, I'd be thrilled.

+ maybe Bucky tried casual sex with strangers or acquaintances and it didn't work; he didn't feel safe, he didn't feel comfortable establishing boundaries, he got triggered as a result, whatever. And for now, Steve's the only one he trusts with his body.

More collars

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 06:12 am (UTC)(link)
Dear sweet dumpster, my trash needs are quite simple. There unfortunately seems to be a sad lack of collars in this garbage pile. I don't even care about the specifics really.

Pet play complete with leashes and tethering, shock collars when risk of retaliation is still a thing (for Bucky or any of the others), the soldier just permanently in an adamantium collar as a sign of his submission and belonging to Hydra, some aphrodisiac injecting device around the neck, or anything you can think of. I just REALLY need more collars.

*pushes forward an offering of rotten banana peels and broken plastic spoons*

Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I, feanor, humbly offer my trash arting for this prompt. Anyone want to do a fic/art thing with me?

Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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Re: More collars

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(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 09:08 am (UTC)(link)
Oh damn. I like the way you bring up Bucky's interaction with girls, but leave his overall sexuality ambiguous.

But somehow the idea of Bucky being honest-to-goodness straight in this fic makes it that much crueler, because he's forcing himself to get pleasure from something he could never be capable of enjoying even in less horrific circumstances.

The Winter Soldier is only allowed lube if he does well on the mission

(Anonymous) 2015-09-07 08:38 pm (UTC)(link)
What it says on the tin. WS is going to get raped after every mission either way, but the level of unpleasantness depends on how he performed.

If he did well, he's allowed small comforts like lube or a mattress, gets food and water and is allowed to clean up after.

If he performed badly, they beat him up, throw him on the cold hard floor and fuck him dry until he cries and then some more. Then they put him in cryo cum-filled and bloody so he's reminded to be good next time.

This is the reason why WS ends up having so man flawless missions. He's scared of what they'll do to him if he doesn't.

Re: The Winter Soldier is only allowed lube if he does well on the mission

(Anonymous) 2015-09-08 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
My trash brethren.

Protective Bucky and the Maximoff Twins

(Anonymous) 2015-09-08 05:47 pm (UTC)(link)
My God, the tag sounds like a new Indie band.

But, basically what's on the tag! At one point during the experiments that Hydra ran on them, the Maximoff twins end up in the same facility as the Winter Soldier. Winter sees them getting mistreated, and they are people, not weapons like him, so he steps in because people shouldn't be treated like that.

The twins and the Soldier bond after that (they're the only sane people in the compound, so makes sense), but Hydra picks up on the fact that their asset isn't acting how they would like, so they punish him accordingly.

+Bucky saves one of the twins from being gang-banged, so the agents rape Bucky instead

++After Hydra "corrects" Bucky's behavior, the twins are horrified when he doesn't recognize them anymore

Straight Aversion Therapy

(Anonymous) 2015-09-08 10:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Bucky was always straight, until Hydra got ahold of him. In order to a) rewrite his identity as completely as possible and b) make him more pliable for his handlers, they train the straightness out of him. Aversion therapy, torture, whatever: they just want to make it impossible for Bucky to get off any other way than being fucked by a man. I just like Hydra ruining everything Bucky loves, okay!

+ If post CA:TWS Bucky tries to rebuild a sex life, but is only able to get off with guys. Either he just decides that's how it has to be and tries to make the best of it, or tries to retrain himself to be capable of being aroused by women (with possibly disastrous results).

Re: Straight Aversion Therapy

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
I love this. Esp if it's in conjunction with Bucktasha. Maybe she does things like wear her hair really short, or tape her breasts down and use a strap-on when they try to have sex in order to make things easier for Bucky.

Re: Straight Aversion Therapy

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Re: Straight Aversion Therapy

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food problems

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
So, HYDRA doesn't feed Bucky much, partly because they don't want to waste money on him and partly because they think he does better when he's hungry. So when he's with them, he's unhealthily skinny despite his incredible muscle mass. But even with programming HYDRA can't entirely overwrite a basic need, so when he goes out for missions, he feels hunger and if he finds food, he eats like crazy and he doesn't know when to stop. Because his body is used to being starved, it immediately converts as much as it can to fat, afraid of being starved again.

Basically, he whiplashes between underweight and overweight, HYDRA mocks him for both of those states, and when he starts to recover with Steve, he still doesn't know how to control his food intake. When he stops fitting into his clothes, he stops eating until they're practically falling off of him, and then he goes the other direction when he can't control his hunger anymore. He's never really at a healthy weight, and definitely never in a healthy state of mind.

Really I just want to see Bucky with all sorts of horrible body issues he doesn't understand, and Steve standing by helplessly wondering what's going on

Re: food problems

(Anonymous) 2015-09-10 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, I am so here for this kind of thing (even if you just want to headcanon back and forth about this if no one picks it up!). Steve's helpless bewilderment is always my favourite part - say Bucky's half-starved when they're reunited, so Steve's going to be all about feeding Bucky up (expressing love through food is such a 1930s era kind of thing anyway) and maybe at first he thinks this is great, Bucky's looking healthier and taking comfort in something, he's even willing to go outside if pizza or Chinese is on offer - but it quickly becomes obvious Bucky isn't really enjoying his food, he's just obsessing over it, stuffing his face until his stomach hurts and swallowing without chewing enough.

And then he starts to get chubby and Steve doesn't really care about that part (he is pretty worried about how Bucky ate last night's lasagna steaming hot out of the pan, no way that didn't burn going down) but Bucky freaks and is all disgusted with himself and won't eat hardly anything no matter how Steve coaxes him with his old favourites. he's rationing himself to a little plain bread and dry cereal and his body just burns the fat off him until Steve finds him in the middle of the night scraping out the bottom of a peanut butter jar with his fingers, shuddering and hiding his face in shame, so of course Steve wants to find something good for him to eat but that's just the whole cycle again...(ahem, I may have a weird h/c kink for this)

Re: food problems

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Re: food problems

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Bucky's digestive tract is delicate after years of disuse and abuse

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 02:01 pm (UTC)(link)
So maybe Bucky hasn't had solid food in 70 years, and he keeps getting frozen over and over and the thaw is hell on those delicate membranes. Maybe they gave him solid food or at least mush but pumped his stomach and cleaned him out with brutal colonics and enemas before freezing because food in the digestive tract as its frozen is dangerous and might expand in storage and tear something. For whatever reason, I would like Bucky to be constantly nauseous, his stomach is constantly churning queasily unless he's actively throwing up or empty, he is bloated and digestion is spotty and he's constantly in some kind of pain in his gut. I'm not really looking for any scat, especially not in a sexy context, but I'm not totally averaged. I just want Bucky to be sick and nauseous and cramping and bloating. Maybe he is stubbornly concealing his problems from Steve, so he has to try to pretend to be okay and eat all his food, but anything, even water and thin soup, just churns around his stomach for far too long, threatening to come out via his mouth, and if he keeps it down, then it roils and rumbles through him and twists at his insides in that horrible visceral helpless way of digestive distress, and maybe he has to visit the bathroom more often than he should, but it exits from him excruciatingly too. Not aversed to shit but it's not really what I'm focusing on, his pain and cold sweats and discomfort is what I really am after. That horrible discomfort that's so much worse than the sharp pain of an open wound, which Bucky can take easily. No, this pain leaves him shaking, his knees unsteady and his fingers trembling, and as he's shivering and shaking, he feels so so cold, not frozen solid the way he does after a nightmare about veto, but chilled discomfort. He is so miserable, clutching helplessly at his belly, trying not to like or shit himself, trying not to move because the slightest motion contributed to his overwhelming nausea, until he has to move because he needs the bathroom and quick.
Basically I just want a fic where Bucky's constantly got an upset tummy and I'd like the focus to be on the intense discomfort, the kind that wears at you more than sharp straightforward pain. I'm positive about vomit and neutral towards scat, so it's up to the filler'so discretion f they include the either. It's not a requirement - I just want the distress and suffering.

Re: Bucky's digestive tract is delicate after years of disuse and abuse

(Anonymous) 2015-09-10 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
Haha, I remember you from the SPN kink world (unless there are two of you? Or should I say, three of us?)

Bucky's first rape,in brutal body horror style

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 03:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Basically what I'm craving is Bucky getting raped right after his fall. His arm is freshly mangled & partially torn off, he probably has broken bones, he's been in the snow for hours, undercooled and frostbitten...and he gets raped on top of that, in this godawful state.

Maybe it's the guys who find him, not realizing his importance, just having their way with a POW.

Maybe it's Zola or other operatives testing out if the serum worked already and how much abuse he can take...I don't care, I just want a bloody, broken, freshly amputated Bucky to be brutally fucked on top of everything.

I guess it's as much about the body horror to me as about the actual rape.

Trash bonuses if:

- there's more than one rapist
- and there's more rape even when he finally thinks it's over
- they use his own blood for (meager) lube
- and they mock him for being bloody like a virgin on her wedding night (extra super bonus if he's actually a virgin)
- it's Bucky's POV where he feels trapped in his own damaged body and is literally unable to fight them, and maybe tries but it's pathetic and useless
- the rape is particularly brutal or cruel.
- Bucky cries, in a this-shit-is-so-awful-even-a-grown-man-would-cry way, and it's not beneath him to beg them to stop. Of course they don't.
- the blood and wounds get mentioned, or are even part of the abuse, like maybe someone poking his blood stump if he tries to fight etc.

Yes, I'm a terrible human being.

Bucky+Stun Batons

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Bucky/WS getting fucked with stun batons?

Stun batons with lower settings so HYDRA agents can build anticipation/fear as they drag it over Bucky's skin?

All the fear of making Bucky give a blowjob to a stun baton (they won't turn it on if he does a really good job, convinces them he's really sorry for that out of line thing he said/did on the last mission)?

All of that and more? I just want more Bucky+stun batons!

Re: Dumpster #3 now open

(Anonymous) 2015-09-09 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
*wipes tear* I'm so proud. Look at us go!

Re: Dumpster #3 now open

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[personal profile] bluerose03 2015-10-11 04:07 am (UTC)(link)
Loooooove! Can't wait for more! =)

Attempted Fill (causal violence) - Part 1

(Anonymous) 2015-12-15 12:28 am (UTC)(link)
I don't know if this is what you wanted, complete shit, or otherwise. If you don't like it, let me know and I'll fix it, especially if the problem's formatting. I am rather bad at formatting.

Some days, it’s fine. Difficult, sure, but the Asset has a lot of experience with difficult. Steve and the others seem nicer than Pierce and all the masters before him (as if that’s very hard) and peace reigns in the tower. Not much is asked of the Asset and no punishments are handed out for what the Asset thinks is twelve days and is fairly confident, even with only roughly two-thirds of his memories overall (and one-half of the ones with HYDRA) back, is a new record. Bucky decides not to say anything about it, fearing that this reward (for what, he’s unsure) will end even if he asks. He keeps his face schooled and eyes open, waiting for his break to end.

On the thirteenth day, the relative calm shatters, but not in the way anyone expects it to. It starts off completely normally from the Asset’s perspective, with him and Steve punching bags that Steve keeps in a spare room on their floor. Steve has repeatedly told the Asset that really, Buck, you don’t have to come with me, the bag won’t attack me and you’re in bad shape anyways which the Asset interprets as really, Asset, you are fulfilling your mission parameters, I really want to punish you and you won’t be needed for missions soon anyways. Without fail, the Asset accompanies Steve to the punching bags, each day hoping that Steve (somewhere, distantly, the Asset remembers that he was supposed to kill Steve, that was his previous mission, and that makes him relax slightly) won’t decide that today is the day that the Asset is too calm or that he is bored punching bags. The Asset is and has always been waiting for the blow to the temple, for someone to cuff or chain him and show their skill at inflicting pain, for the shove to his knees or onto his stomach, for the pain.

That day, the Asset pushes himself harder. The doctor (Berserker, the HYDRA part of his head still mutters, Codename Berserker: Kill order, Priority Beta) had taken off the Soldier’s bandages yesterday, after all. The Asset desperately wants to be mission-ready, to show Steve and the others that he’s needed. If he’s needed, the blows are gentler, the shoves less intense. Not less frequent, but less dangerous. The Asset had been trained to resist pain so well he barely registers the ache in his arm and chest and hand. When Steve pulls him aside, the HYDRA part of him sighed in resignation as the Not-HYDRA part of him began to panic. Slowly but surely, Steve drags the Asset to their floor’s bathroom and Not-HYDRA gets louder. Steve bids him to sit on the counter and the Asset hesitatingly obliges. Steve pulls out a first aid kit and begins to bandage the Asset’s knuckles. The Asset relaxes. After his hands are covered in gauze, Steve helps the Asset down from the counter and wraps him in a hug.

“You don’t need to push yourself, Buck,” Steve whispers into the Asset’s hair. I don’t want you mission ready, Asset. “You can take the time to heal.” I don’t want you mission ready. Steve presses a kiss into the Asset’s hair. “We need to talk later.” It’s punishment time. Not-HYDRA blanches and HYDRA starts to worry. HYDRA worrying is bad, but the Asset doesn’t have time to reflect on just how bad before Steve ushered him out of the bathroom and to the common floor.
The rest of the day rushes past in somewhat of a blur. The Asset attempts to be helpful at every opportunity. The others look at him with pity and compassion. Their actions belie their true intent.

“Here, I can do that.” I don’t want to you have power.

“No, let me.” I want you incapable.I don’t want you mission ready. He thought Natalia, of all people, would understand his need.

“It’s alright, Barnes.” I want to punish you. The Asset is jumpy and anxious and it begins to wear off, especially on Natasha. As “team bonding time” wraps up, Steve wraps his arm around the Asset’s shoulder, grip loose (for now) but the strength in his arm is clear in the hold and it would be easy, too easy, for those fingers to tighten and break his shoulder and then he wouldn’t be mission ready for months.

“Come on, Bucky, let’s go to our floor. I want to talk with you.” Come on Asset, we are going back to our floor. It’s time for punishment. The minute it wakes for the Asset and Steve to reach their floor is long enough for the Asset to translate the sentence and get into a mindset where the hands at his face are not for comfort but to shove him down and make him hurt.

The tussle on their main room’s floor doesn’t last long before the Asset is pinned on his stomach. Steve is holding his metal arm to him so that those lovely mechanical fingers don’t lock around his throat. The Asset trembles. Not this. The rapes were worse than resistance training or beating or shocks. At least it’s only Steve.

“Bucky,” Steve gasps. “What the hell, Buck? Are you the Winter Soldier again.” The Asset doesn’t reply, trying not to let his anxiety show. “Bucky? Answer me. Please. Say something!” The last order is accompanied by an accidental shake. The Asset takes in a breath.

“Please,” the Asset whispers. “Don’t do this. Let me go. I’ll be good.” The split second Steve takes to realize that this isn’t the headspace that the Asset keeps stretches out for eternity. As soon as he understands, Steve releases his hold and the Asset curls up into a ball, large eyes still tracking Steve as a threat.

“Bucky, what’s wrong?” Asset, what was your error?

“I failed. Failure is unacceptable. Failure must be punished.” The words came out of the Asset’s mouth in the dull monotony of repetition.

“Bucky, you didn’t fail, you just pushed yourself too hard.” Asset, you failed us miserably, you just proved yourself not mission ready. “You aren’t going to be punished.” That didn't translate.


“You haven’t failed. Therefore, you do not require punishment.” Any punishment I want to give you, though, is fair game. “Why would you think that.” There was a long silence before the Asset begins to talk.

Re: Attempted Fill (causal violence) - Part 1

(Anonymous) 2015-12-15 02:55 am (UTC)(link)
awww, Bucky's insecurities. I like the interplay between Bucky and Asset's interpretations.

(Also... don't know what the original prompt was???)

Re: Attempted Fill (causal violence) - Part 1

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Re: Attempted Fill (causal violence) - Part 1

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(Anonymous) 2016-01-06 03:38 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, can I just say that I love ur writing? Like, probably too much?

(Anonymous) 2016-01-30 11:45 am (UTC)(link)
Just found this story - it is absolutely awesome.
Are you going to update? Please, please, please?

(Anonymous) 2016-02-07 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
THIS IS AMAZING. I love everything about this. I love the communication between them. I love how Bucky calls an end to the sex and they cuddle and he explains things to Steve and it's all really sweet and good communication.

I also really love Bucky's voice like

"this is going to be rougher and scarier than he'd like, and Steve is going to be a guilty mess afterward, and fuck Hydra, seriously, what utter and irredeemable bastards, but—they'll get through it, they'll be all right."

Freaking perfect. I love everything about this and I cannot wait to read more!!

Pierce's daughter

(Anonymous) 2016-12-16 04:36 am (UTC)(link)
I'm going to work on this. I'm currently on tumblr under @sexylibrarian1. This is amazing.