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Dumpster #2: ...'Cause a Hydra Trash Party don't stop

Unholy hell-miracle achieved! Welcome to Bad Guys Do Bad Things To Your Faves 2: Electric Boogaloo. AKA the seamy sexual-violence-and-violent-sex underbelly of Captain America fandom, AKA the Hydra Trash Party kinkmeme. As usual, BLANKET NON-CON AND NSFW WARNINGS apply: just assume going in that everything in this landfill is unfit for human consumption.

Rules in brief: don't be a jerk except to fictional characters, warnings for particularly fucked-up garbage are nice but not required, thou shalt not judge the trashiness of thy neighbor's kinks unless thy neighbor is trying to pass off their rotting banana peels and half-eaten pizza crusts as a healthy romantic dinner for two, off-topic comments may be chucked out of the dumpster at management's discretion, management's discretion decrees that omegaverse, soulbond AUs, D/s-verse, non-superpowered AUs, and dark!good guys AUs are off-topic.

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Bucky has a flashback during sex with Steve

(Anonymous) 2015-08-13 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
So Bucky is out of Hydra's clutches and he's doing okay, he's not completely there yet but he's making good progress. He and Steve have a somewhat kinky sex life, once he's up to going into those kinds of head spaces. And maybe they switch or Bucky always doms, but however they prefer it, for the purpose of this prompt, Bucky is being rough with Steve and Steve is loving it, sobbing and writhing and begging for Bucky to stop when he really wants Bucky to continue, all that good stuff. Except that something triggers Bucky, maybe it's the smell of the neighbour's cooking or the sight of blood trailing down Steve's skin where he's struggled too hard against the super soldier strength bonds. Whatever it is, it triggers Bucky and he goes into winter soldier mode, and Steve becomes one of any number of terrified begging victims he's been forced to rape over the years. Maybe he is usually a little bit gentler with Steve than Steve likes, but suddenly Bucky starts fucking Steve really brutally, humiliating him and taunting him and roughing him up and fucking his ass so hard it hurts. And Steve loves it.

And then after Bucky comes, he comes back to himself, and has to go throw up in the bathroom. Steve is feeling the beginnings of eh drop because Bucky just left him alone, but he pushed aside his own emotions and has to comfort Bucky, who has locked himself in the bathroom and won't talk to Steve
I don't really mind what you do with the sex, I just want the horrible a very aftermath, give me full on self loathing Bucky who feels like he just raped Steve, maybe "dirtied" him with hydra's taint, who feels like he's gone back to square one of his recovery because of the loss of control. Give me anxious Steve who is maybe going through sub drop trying to comfort Bucky even as he feels awful himself. Give me Bucky's reluctance to touch Steve after and how it's affected their sex lives. Does Bucky feel betrayed that Steve liked it? Maybe he's angry that Steve enjoyed it by he's got to deal with all the people who decidedly did not enjoy bei raped by the winter soldier. Maybe Bucky feels his skin crawl at the thought of Steve getting off to the Asset, getting off to him being dead eyed and brutal and a puppet to the wills of others. Steve did get off harder than usual, because Bucky was so rough and degraded him a lot more than Bucky is usually comfortable with. And Steve feels so ashamed and apologetic even as he nurses a shame boner. Give me all the angst, please ;)

Re: Bucky has a flashback during sex with Steve

(Anonymous) 2015-08-13 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
This is relevant to my interests. And if Bucky dissociates when he goes into Winter Soldier mode, he might not even know all of what he did to Steve, so Steve might have to explain what happened (and that he liked it), which is really not helping, Steve.

Re: Bucky has a flashback during sex with Steve

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Re: Bucky has a flashback during sex with Steve

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Cross dressing Buckyyyy

(Anonymous) 2015-08-13 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Mmm num num num!
I love the fics where Bucky cross dresses in the pre-war era and it's a really hot kink for him and Steve.
I'm looking for the trash era happenings and aftermath of this. I'd love to see him encountering a pretty dress in a safehouse and wanting to put it on and just looking at it and WANTING and maybe Rumlow or Rollins catches him at this (Or a lady Hydra agent!) and orders him to wear it for lulz but the WS is all "Legs need to be shaved" or "Makeup is required."
And at first they just... stare... all perplexed and shit because it's the WINTER SOLDIER getting all dolled up with this quiet delight. Of course once they get over this they get serious boners and decide to have some fun.

My beautifully crafted Rollins trash shrine for comfort aftermath where Bucky gets his groove back. Maybe he begins to feel comfortable wearing makeup or dressing femininely again?

Feral Bucky/asset

(Anonymous) 2015-08-13 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Give me some feral Bucky who is just recovering from his trash past in Steve's apartment. I want a generally unpleasant housemate Bucky.
Like he's got all these bad habits from Hydra.

+Marking his territory in various ways. Pee marks the perimeter around Steve's yard. Pee marks Steve's shoes or his shield.
+ Gets upset when Steve calls him Bucky and doesn't calm down until Steve refers to him as 'asset' or 'Soldier.'
+Speaks fondly of Commander Rumlow and the STRIKE team... sometimes in front of the Avengers. Like "the Commander used to say things like that." This could extent to sex; the asset wants Steve to do things the STRIKE team did because that's how he understands "affection."
+Self harms and bleeds all over the place. Hydra never cared if he cut/damaged himself during missions! Why does Handler Steve get so upset when he does?
+Refuses to bathe - has to be ordered into the shower.
+Listens raptly when Steve talks about Bucky and the old days but basically just memorizes everything he says because he doesn't remember a damn thing.

Maybe Handler Steve doesn't punish him so the asset starts to lose respect for him as a handler. So Steve has to take to spraying him with a mister like a house cat when he's peeing on things. like "Stop! Stop that!" And Sam happens to come over one day when this happens.

Re: Feral Bucky/asset

(Anonymous) 2015-08-13 02:24 pm (UTC)(link)
OP again: Steve just finally resigning himself to this shit being their new normal, I think, is what makes this prompt for me.

Pierce's carrot and stick games

(Anonymous) 2015-08-13 02:44 pm (UTC)(link)
I feel like the Hydra work environment/hierarchy is based on the Order through Pain mantra. So as a big shot, it's Pierce's job to remind his subordinates of this.

So Pierce gives the asset tasty things when he's a good boy. All the guys laugh at first, because it's so innocuous and silly. These tasty things are naturally phallic. They can be anything from a ring pop to a fudgesicle. The asset gets to sit in his chair and suck on his treat during maintenance. And he enjoys the shit out of that treat; he moans and sucks and licks...
Naturally, it gets some of the STRIKE team and technicians a little uncomfortable. But they know that if they try to fuck the asset there's going to be hell to pay. You could combine this with the dentata prompt. Maybe the asset is fitted with anti rape equipment? Or maybe he's just very erratic and touch triggers him into a violent mode.

Pierce just likes setting his subordinates up for failure. Maybe one day he even has the asset suck him off in front of everyone and he just smiles and waves at them like "Rumlow! How's that arm healing up?"

Reverse corrective rape

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
So basically I want a story where Bucky and Steve weren't together pre CA:TWS.

For all we know, Bucky was genuinely into ladies.

But Hydra makes it into a sport of it to see if they can "rape him gay", which they do in fact succeed in, over the years, at least on the physical side. They train Bucky to enjoy sucking cock, and taking it up the ass. Perhaps he's only ever allowed to come or feel pleasure when he's being penetrated. Part of it would have also been verbal humiliation calling him gay slurs.

Fast forward to the aftermath trash. After his return, it becomes clear that Steve has feelings for Bucky. Bucky reciprocates them, or at least *thinks$ he does...but he's not sure, he *can't* be sure, because there's a nagging feeling it might be because of his "training". I mean, he never quite felt *love* for a man before, so he can't be sure either way.

Cue angst about uncertainty on Bucky's side, and Steve's horror when he finds out.

+ if Bucky lets himself be fucked by Steve long before he got the chance to figure this shit out.

++ if Bucky actually *hates* that he *enjoys* it and the mere fact he now gets off on man-on-man sex voluntarily leads to self-loathing and he finds himself disgusting.

+++ if pre-war homophobic attitudes play a part in his shame

++++If he loves Steve either way, but can't figure out if it's " best friend love" or romantic love, but maybe making Steve happy is more important than figuring that out.

Up to the writer what "the truth" is. Was he actually bi to begin with but did what happen to him make him doubt forever? Was he straight before but did the corrective rape actually work? Does he come to a point where he decides it doesn't really matter or will there forever be nagging doubt? Do he and Steve make this dysfunctional shit work or does it end in tears? Or first tears then comfort?

Re: Reverse corrective rape

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 01:28 am (UTC)(link)
Nice! I love the angst potential.

Re: Reverse corrective rape

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Re: Reverse corrective rape

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Broken with kindness

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
So there's the whole 'torture the Bucky until he becomes WS' angle. And sure, that's a thing. There's also the possibility he has amnesia from the fall, like in the comics. So all he would know/remember is pain and cruelty.

Give me someone who, after months of torture, locks him in a cage or a cell and he's so lonely. Maybe he has some straw to sleep on. There are lice and it's cold in his cell. They throw a bucket of slop in there. It's dark and nobody ever speaks to him. So he starts to talk to himself.

Then, suddenly, he's taken out and led to a nice warm bath and a comfy soft bed and someone is feeding him by hand and crooning to him and petting him.
And he's been holding out and he's managed to keep it together but this random kindness just breaks him. So he starts to submit to this person and seek their approval. That's when they start training him to be the soldier.

Re: Broken with kindness

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my God, yes please. Even this person's disappointment would be enough to get Bucky to try harder to be the soldier, just so that he wouldn't lose that person's "affections".

Weird Science

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
Your standard 'Steve gets captured by Hydra and STRIKE are given leave to play with him' scenario, but with a bit of a twist.
Rumlow is a twisted bastard and decides to spice things up, looking through Hydra's old decommissioned or failed tech and experiments for things to use on Steve. Things like;
A failed attempts at replicating the super soldier serum, that only lasts for half an hour. Impractical for field work, but long enough to subject Cap to a supersoldier pounding. (Or for more depraved, filthy results, something similar but with the Hulk formula)
Old Asgardian or Kree artifacts that have been deemed useless from a practical standpoint, but would still cause some 'interesting' results if used on Steve.
Maybe an attempt at building some Starktech-style power armor that basically just wound up being a glorified fucking machine.

Would love to see the STRIKE team treating it like it's all fun and games, and trying to constantly outdo each other as they look through things to subject Steve to.

Bucky begs to be let back in

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Post-TWS. When the Asset shows up on the doorstep of an old Hydra safehouse, the handful of soldiers hiding out inside think they're fucked. They know the Asset went AWOL when everything went to shit, they know he's probably breaking down his conditioning.

Needless to say, when he drops to his knees and begs them to take him back, swearing he'll do any filthy thing they want him to, they're shocked... but they roll with it.

+ Bucky's conditioning has broken down, and he's gotten all his memories back. All of them; the murders, the violence, every person he's killed, every last thing Hydra made him do. And it's too much for him to take. So surrendering himself to Hydra again, letting himself be made their plaything, and surrendering his personal responsibility? It feels better to him than the alternative.

++ Extra bonus points if the soldiers (maybe some of them are leftovers of Strike) see it as a 'last hurrah'. The shit has well and truly hit the fan, Hydra is probably over, and they're running out of resources and places to hide. So may as well spend their last few days/weeks of freedom going out with a bang. ...or a gangbang. Or a spitroast. Or object insertion. Or whatever else they can get the Asset to beg for.

Re: Bucky begs to be let back in

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
Bucky being confused and unable to function as a person with all those memories is a bloody miracle. And willingly subjecting himself to beating and rape and who knows what else (if they had treated him like shit when he was valuable weapon, what would they do now? Well, he ran away, broke orders, failed his mission, he is one of the reasons behind Hydra's fall and the definitely don't need him anymore) with a perfectly clear understanding of current situation, 'cause this hell is still better than the one unfolding in his own mind? Perfection.

Re: Bucky begs to be let back in

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Re: Bucky begs to be let back in

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Re: Bucky begs to be let back in

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Re: Bucky begs to be let back in

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Re: Bucky begs to be let back in

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1930s Bucky switch

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
Someone in Hydra finds out that they can temporarily mentally reset the Asset to Bucky from the 1930s. It's a trigger phrase, image, song. Maybe it only lasts a couple hours. Say Bucky Barnes in the 1930s was seductive and secretly liked giving blowjobs. Someone has a Bucky Barnes fetish and has always fantasized about him perhaps.
Maybe his cyborg arm causes him lots of angst and someone 'comforts' him. Maybe they tell him that he has amnesia and they're his lover.

Or they just fuck with him in general. Maybe just for lulz they tell him that he killed Steve and that he's in prison for it now.

Maybe he's triggered into this state post CATWS and he goes looking for a skinny Steve Rogers?

Test of loyalty

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
As Project Insight nears completion and Hydra is preparing to reveal itself, the higher-ups start worrying that personal ties to SHIELD colleagues will make some Hydra agents hesitate, chicken out, or even defect when the time comes to stab them in the back. Oaths of loyalty to Hydra and theoretical knowledge that you'll be betraying your co-workers sometime in the future are one thing, but chatting with someone at the coffeemaker in the morning about his wife's cancer or his son's report card and then shooting him between the eyes a few hours later when he refuses to submit to Hydra? There are... concerns.

Even about STRIKE. Especially about STRIKE. Even the diehards who hate Steve Rogers' guts on principle admit he's a likeable guy and a pleasure to work with, they've all been out in the field risking death together and saving each other's asses for over a year. Who knows how many of them will balk and be fatally halfhearted about turning on him? And then there's the matter of Cap being a charismatic leader with an inconvenient knack for convincing people to do what he thinks is the right thing. The risk that he'll inspire a wave of defections worries Pierce et al even more than the risk that he'll somehow find a way to fuck up their plans and kick all their asses. Something has to be done about it.

And there's nothing like a good old communal atrocity to cement loyalties, burn bridges, dehumanize the enemy, and give the participants a personal stake in ensuring victory for the side that won't make them pay for what they've done.

So, Steve gets captured shortly before the Insight launch--in the elevator, unconscious one minute too long in the ruins of Zola's bunker, taken into custody after the freeway fight as in canon, whatever. Instead of killing him outright, Pierce hauls in every Hydra agent who's worked closely with him and every Hydra agent considered at risk of defecting or chickening out, throws Steve to them to rape/torture/humiliate, and makes it clear that anyone who refuses gets to join Cap on the floor. The trash aspect isn't just incidental cruelty: Pierce orders it because a gang rape on Captain America is so unthinkably taboo there's no going back from it.

+ A lot of them are extremely reluctant but get pressured/egged on/jeered into doing it anyway.
++ Grant Ward is one of them. Canon timeline, what canon timeline.
+++ The one guy who successfully gets out of sticking his dick anywhere he isn't sure it ought to go does so by claiming he's too straight to get it up for this homo shit. (Maybe they "let him off easy" by getting him to jerk off and come all over Steve's face.)
++++ One of the participants goes along with it willingly at the time, but afterwards he's so consumed with guilt and self-disgust that he helps Steve escape.
+++++ The entire thing is videotaped--ostensibly for the extra humiliation factor, but Pierce is more interested in the leverage it gives him over the participants.

Re: Test of loyalty

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, this is awesome. This is like every twisted power and control experiment done irl taken to glorious, trashy extremes.

Steve Forced to Top

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 08:21 am (UTC)(link)
A female HYDRA soldier forces Steve to have sex with her (whether it's to get pregnant with a super soldier child, just for her perverse pleasure, or whatever is up to the author). Not only that, but she forces him to be the dominant partner and do all the work and fake enjoyment during it. I want to see how he reacts to that, and how he comes to terms with the fact that even though he got it up and came it doesn't mean what she did was OK, it's still rape and not his fault at all.

Re: Steve Forced to Top

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Ooooh even better if other people around him afterward are like 'so? you got off, good for you!' Like people he TRUSTS

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 10:07 am (UTC)(link)
[i]In Brooklyn, he’d been able to turn any head he wanted. The same principles applied here.[/i]
Ouch. This line hit me like a lead weight, seeing it used against him in such a way like this.

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 10:15 am (UTC)(link)
Shit. Can I ask a mod to delete this? Meant to respond to a fill.

blowjobs as a distraction

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 04:36 pm (UTC)(link)
When they're training members of STRIKE, they have the Asset try to distract them with blowjobs to help them with "focus" in the field. Trying to assemble this extremely complex rifle in a certain time limit? Having to sit in a perch for hours waiting for a target? Defusing a bomb before it goes off? Hacking into a certain database before you're blocked? Trying to drive through a minefield or pilot a jet through enemy fire? Keeping your voice steady during a hostage negotiation? He's pretty damn good so if you manage not to come in three minutes flat then you're in.

Anon is fine with the reverse, while they're training the Asset to do various tasks and skills and they punish him if he comes before completing it.

working with the enemy

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 05:12 pm (UTC)(link)
The Avengers or Team Cap (obvs + Bucky) go on a mission that requires the assistance of an imprisoned Hydra agent, like Rumlow or Rollins. Whatever the reason (bio-locked door; he has to place a call to the target and they can't know when they'll need that done; etc), he has to accompany them for the duration of the mission. Of course, this gets cleared with Bucky first. Bucky says it's fine with him.

Except it isn't fine, because halfway through the mission, everyone finds out that during Bucky's stint with Hydra, this agent raped him repeatedly. And then they still have to work alongside him. What I'd love is pain, rage, and the helplessness to express it: it's horrible for Bucky that everyone knows; it's horrible for everyone else too, especially since they're stuck with this asshole, and they can't separate him from Bucky, and can't blow up about it without making it worse for Bucky either.

Just imagine Bucky and his rapist having to work on something together, the torture Steve would be going through letting this happen. How that would make this terrible situation even harder on Bucky, who was already struggling to cope before he had to worry about everyone else's knowledge and reactions and feelings.

Re: working with the enemy

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
There's a fic that's kinda like this called Reunion Tour but *spoiler alert! - Bucky is raped by agent in that fic. It has a comfort related sequel

Bucky's healing cock

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 05:34 pm (UTC)(link)
So I've seen people talk about Bucky's breast milk as having some kind of super soldier healing power and I was thinking why not prompt about his dick?
Someone in Hydra discovers the power of eating his cum.
Do they milk him routinely for cum when he's out of cryo? Do they give him hormones to produce more? You could combine this with the 'endlessly producing cum' prompt from earlier, maybe even combine it with the milk prompt.
Maybe Hydra tries to milk Steve also...

Re: Bucky's healing cock

(Anonymous) 2015-08-14 05:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Be great for the soldier to heal someone by fucking them while on a mission. Maybe they have serious internal damage and his dick is needed xD
Kind of like peeing on a jellyfish sting

Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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Re: Bucky's healing cock

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incest but not really

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 07:09 am (UTC)(link)
So, some of the Winter Soldier's programming breaks pretty easily-- the stuff that's more out there, like that he volunteered to be the Soldier, or that he never knew Steve-- but some of the more innocuous programming is more stubborn. Programming him to ignore an urge to eat, for example, would stick because he remembers ignoring hunger before, too, so old memories wouldn't cancel the programming out. If that makes sense.

At some point Hydra gets smart and realizes that if Captain America wants his longtime lover back, he's going to get him whether or not Hydra gets in the way. So they fire a parting shot at the Winter Soldier-- turn the chair up to max and make him think that Steve is actually his brother. And because he has so many memories of looking out for Steve and caring for him (and on occasion, actually claiming to be brothers) it sticks, even as he starts to recover the rest of himself. He doesn't bring it up, because it wouldn't occur to you to ask your biological brother if he's still your brother, right?

Until one day Steve tries to kiss him again, and Bucky realizes that he's attracted to who he believes is his brother. He angsts like crazy, but Steve doesn't seem to mind the apparent incest issue.

+Bucky has horribly guilty sex with him and enjoys it far more than he thinks he should
++Steve doesn't realize the problem until much later
++++The fact that Bucky thinks it's incest comes out semi-publcially, like, in front of the avengers

++++++++++They have sex again before Bucky has really integrated the idea of them not being brothers, and he calls him brother by accident

Re: incest but not really

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 07:47 pm (UTC)(link)
So much angst hahaha

Re: incest but not really

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Re: incest but not really

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Re: incest but not really

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Dom Steve's guilt boners and gaslighting + aftermath & comfort

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)
I see a lot of sub Steve gaslighting and I was thinking it'd be great to see Dom Steve. I think it would be obvious to Hydra agents in SHIELD after a while that hurting other people would be much worse to Steve than being hurt himself.
So they use this to gaslight him.
Give me a male or female Hydra agent who conditions him to enjoy dominating other people. He's all reluctant at first but every time he sees that person they tease him into dominating them and it gets to the point where they're his "Little," etc. One day they start making him feel guilty about things they've done together like "I actually wasn't okay with that but I thought you'd be angry if we stopped"

Cue horrible Steve angst and top drop where he's doubting himself.

And maybe post CATWS give me some Steve/Natasha or Steve/Sam where they help him see that a) it's okay to enjoy domination and b) he's not a bad dom.

Re: Dom Steve's guilt boners and gaslighting + aftermath & comfort

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 08:00 pm (UTC)(link)
OP: I'd love to see Grant Ward being the agent required to do this and while he's doing it he's having horrible angst about it because Steve's actually really sweet

Bucky's horrible thoughts

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Iv'e seen fics where after so many years of being Hydra's weapon, Bucky can't help having thoughts about different ways to kill someone with items in the room.
I want the trash version of that. Bucky can't help looking at Steve, Sam, Nat, whoever and thinking of different ways to fuck them with objects in the room, degrade them, etc.

+ I'm always a fan of the Guilt Boner Complex

Re: Bucky's horrible thoughts

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 12:07 pm (UTC)(link)

Fill: Bucky's broken brain

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Re: Fill: Bucky's broken brain

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Re: Fill: Bucky's broken brain

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Re: Fill: Bucky's broken brain

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Re: Fill: Bucky's broken brain

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(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
How about a fully Crossbones-clad Rumlow hate-fucking a beat up, bound Steve and telling him, "“He remembered you, you know — your pal, your buddy, your Bucky”.

My needs are simple.

(Anonymous) 2015-08-15 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Does this need a spoiler tag? Do we have a Cap 3 spoiler policy in place yet, trash!mod?

SPOILERS above for non-comic readers (just to be sure)

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Bucky doing what he needs to for survival

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
The asset is a quick learner. He learns that fighting the rapes won't do him any good, so he adapts.

For example

Learns to suppress his gag reflex so he won't choke while giving blow jobs.

Spreads his knees further apart when they fuck him with large objects, so it'll be easier to take.

Prepping himself with his own spit right after he finishes missions because he knows it'll hurt less than if they fucked him dry.

Learning which agents like what positions, so that it'll take the shortest amount of time possible for him to get them to come.

+10 if, when he finally breaks out of the programming, if he's ashamed because he thinks he wanted it. Otherwise why would he have spread his legs wider, gotten so good at giving head, etc.

+100 if, the first time he has sex with Steve, he pulls out all the dirty tricks he knows and Steve has the most mind blowing orgasm of his life, and afterward asks "where did you learn how to do /that/"

Re: Bucky doing what he needs to for survival

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 12:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I live for this type of trash.

Kill or be raped & tortured

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 12:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, so what if in the early days "the chair" is not yet fine-tuned and they need other ways to make the Winter Soldier obey?

When they first try to make him into a weapon, whatever is still left of Bucky Barnes refuses to kill people.

To give him incentive to obey, he gets a choice: either complete the mission, kill the target - or be brutally raped, beaten, tortured.

I want him reaching breaking point, debating with himself when it becomes acceptable to take a life to save himself terrible suffering.

Obviously at first he'd refuse altogether...but maybe in time: well killing that senator's innocent daughter is still not acceptable, but maybe that arms dealer had it coming, you know? Why would he suffer rape to save such a horrible person? And that's how he gives in inch by inch.

And then, just when he thought he found balance between obeying and fighting it, the new version of the chair just makes his struggle a moot point.

Though maybe there's that one time he refuses and breaks programming, even when the think he's totally broken, because the mission seems so unacceptable to him. Cue worst abuse yet.

+Bonus if you write aftermath where he remembers all of it eventually, and is so confused by guilt, he asks one of the Avengers to abuse him as punishment (Steve's my fave, but I see Nat working, too. I'm sure others might work as well).

++ Extra bonus for trashfluff/hopeful ending where he's reunited with one of the would-be victims he refused to kill, and they genuinely thank him, making him somehow come to terms with both having taken the abuse and having taken other lives.

Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 12:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh my god, please yes. This is both heartbreaking and amazing, so many possibilities for angst. I would pay to have this filled!

Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

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Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

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Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

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Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

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Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

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Re: Kill or be raped & tortured

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Bucky/the Asset refuses to give up Steve and Brock

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 05:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I love the idea of Bucky having more than one personality because of all he's been through. For prompt purposes I'm thinking two main personalities: the Assset and Bucky
So he wants both Brock and Steve. Brock gives the asset what he needs and Steve gives Bucky what he needs. The two personalities switch off. Maybe Bucky disappears for a few days and Steve just thinks he needs some time to himself but he's with Brock and vice versa.

+ I'd love to see Bucky dominating Steve during sex and the Asset topping Brock. Could be fun to have the Asset dominate Brock on Brock's orders. Brock needs to be punished ;)

+ You could make it trashier: maybe he has a chameleon personality where he gives people whatever he thinks they want. So he tries to sex up Sam by being Bucky while Sam is trying to counsel him. Or he tries to give Natasha his Yasha personality

Re: Bucky/the Asset refuses to give up Steve and Brock

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 05:08 pm (UTC)(link)
OP: Bonus points if Sam notices what's going on and even follows Bucky to Rumlow's place but doesn't tell Steve because Steve will lose his shit so he tries to talk to Bucky about it and just gets a brick wall.

Re: Bucky/the Asset refuses to give up Steve and Brock

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Re: Bucky/the Asset refuses to give up Steve and Brock

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Re: Bucky/the Asset refuses to give up Steve and Brock

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coerced feminization Steve

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Basically what if Steve is forced to dress up and then screwed by Hydra or his STRIKE team, cue pet-names or telling him "sorry Cap, they can't help themselves because he's just so pretty"

Re: coerced feminization Steve

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
They could put him in one of the Captain America showgirl costumes...

Multiiple osteotomies

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 05:41 pm (UTC)(link)
So I read "nam sybillam" by stoatsandwich.
Give me a recovering Bucky who has been through so much horrific degradation that his limbs were removed and he was made into a fuckpotato. And if you don't know what a fuckpotato is do yourself a favor and get out of this trashcan before it consumes you. No, it's too late for me! :P JUST GO.

+ Flasbacks where a terrified asset is recaptured by Hydra post CATWS and made into a fuckpotato.
+ If Sam, Nat, Sharon, etc try to convince Steve to just let Bucky die in piece.
+ If Bucky and Steve have an argument at some point where Bucky spits at him because he can't throw a bedpan
+ Bucky makes dark jokes about his predicament. He's the ultimate unpleasant, cranky patient and tries to bait people into killing him.
+ Super Sayan cyborg Bucky! Metal limbs ahoy!

JUST DO IIIIT. Just WRITE IT FOR ME. *throws trashbaby tantrum

Re: Multiiple osteotomies

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
OMG are you me? I was contemplating asking for more fuckpotato fic!

I LOVE your mind.

Personally I'd also love it if someone actually had (consensual) sex with buck still in fuckpatato mode. And it could be all sorts wrong, and awkward, and somewhat dysfunctional - but also what the both sort of need to stay sane.

Though I'm not sure if that's your thing?

Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Re: Multiiple osteotomies

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Steve never loved Bucky

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
... at least not like *that*. Steve had platonic, friendly, brotherly feelings for Bucky, but Bucky was in love. They both knew it, and Steve was gentle about it because he did care for Bucky a lot, even if it wasn't the way Bucky cared.

But when Bucky's memories come back, he doesn't remember that he's the only one in love. Steve has a huge moral dilemma: does he pretend to love Bucky back to help with his recovery (because his affection seems to work wonders for Bucky), or does he tell the truth to keep from hurting Bucky later on (though later on, as a more emotionally healthy person, he might be better able to handle that kind of rejection)?

Re: Steve never loved Bucky

(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 09:14 pm (UTC)(link)
OmG es please!

Re: Steve never loved Bucky

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Re: Steve never loved Bucky

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